6 Reasons You NEED Travel Insurance on Your Next Trip Abroad!

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Feb 5, 2016

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Good work on booking your next trip! Now to save all your pennies, patiently count down the days and strategically pack your life into a bag and you’re ready to go to the airport woohoo! Hold up! Have you got your passport? Have you got your flight itinerary? Have you got your travel insurance? If you answered no to the last one then it’s time to back it right up and lock it down because this is going to be the most important thing you need to take care of before you go.


For all the I don’t need travel insurance “it won’t happen to me” people this post is for you because sometimes the universe likes to play tricks and all of a sudden you’re wishing you had a little travel insurance to bail you out! So here is how full comprehensive travel insurance is going to be your silent buddy on your travels and how it will pull through in case of the following...

1. Medical Situations

From needing treatment for a common cold to an accidental ‘leg is probably going to be broken’ tumble, having medical insurance on your travel plan can save you thousands of dollars that you weren’t expecting to dish out! Overseas the price for a non-resident to seek any type of medical treatment is sky high in comparison to home. So do yourself a favour now so you don’t have to tip your wallet upside down later.
(When you think you're going to land and don't. Let's hope it was a powder day to soften the blow!)

2. Your suitcase decides to holiday elsewhere

You’ve just travelled around the world, you’re 30 hours deep in international plane travel, ready for that sweet moment you finally get to shower, put fresh clothes on and get some rest. Finally, the plane lands where you thought you would land, your bag however is living it up in a totally different country. Those cleanliness dreams fade quickly! Never fear your travel insurance is here! Head to information at the airport to let them know your bag is having its own adventures and call your travel insurance so they can cover any costs you spend to get new stuff!
(When your bag is having a better time than you are!)

3. Stolen Goods. It sucks, but it happens

It’s not nice to think that there are people out there looking to steal the things you have worked hard to get but it is a fact of life and can happen without you even knowing. Always keep your valuables where you can see them and especially close when in crowded areas. In the small chance you do get your things stolen your insurance can get you covered for everything that was taken so the loss doesn’t hurt as much.
(Squish city! Eyes on the prize which is you and your belongings!)

4. Before you even take off

Yep, sometimes the travel problems happen before you even bail your home country. You may find that life throws you some hurdles and the trip you booked is just not ideal for how life is rolling out right now. Don’t throw your entire trip down the drain, get some of those funds back and that way you can try head off when things are brighter again.
(Stop what you are doing right now!! No need to tear those tickets apart just yet. Get in touch with your travel insurance team ASAP!)


5. Flight Cancellations

Airlines are constantly moving their flight schedules. There is something crazy like 600,000 planes in the air at any one time so you can imagine that with delays and weather conditions you may land at your stopover to find out your flight has already left or been cancelled. Most airlines won’t automatically put you on the next flight unless you have a flexible fare so it is good to be prepared and not pay a tonne for a last minute fare!
(You aren't going anywhere!)

Mother Nature sometimes loses it.

Generally the planet is quite peaceful but occasionally Mother Nature likes to throw down some hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal waves to remind everyone she/he is the boss. Unfortunately this unpredictable wrath can either get in the way of your trip or affect you whilst you are there. If you have to cancel the trip or evacuate to another location the extra cover can help you get to safety in a tough situation.
(Not ideal.)

It just comes down to this. “If you can’t afford travel insurance, then you can’t afford to travel!” Going travelling without a backup is like Timone with no Pumba (hoping everyone on the planet has watched The Lion King). It just makes no sense! There's only one you in the world and best to make sure you have something to rely on!

Ok. You are prepped and totally aware of what needs to happen now and we have a great team ready to sort you out with flights, adventures and of course some award winning Comprehensive Travel Insurance. So click the button below and get hooked up!

Cover me please!


Alana Deghelli

Alana Deghelli

Alana was a Digital Media Manager at The Global Work & Travel Co. and super fan of exploring the world. She has travelled to 24 countries, 83 cities so far and loves nothing more than sharing her adventures in the hope it inspires others to get out and see this big, beautiful world!