6 ways to stay entertained at 30,000ft.

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Nov 2, 2015

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Travel is by far one of the best experiences you can ever decide to do in your life. Reaching new destinations and exploring totally new places that excite you and create an even bigger urge to see more of this world. There just isn't anything else quite like it. Unfortunately the getting there part of travel...not so exciting. We have six easy ways for you to keep sane and make the journey even better than you could have hoped for!


You've booked your flight and set the date. Now to mentally prepare yourself for the plane ride that is most likely going to feel like the never ending story. We are pretty lucky in this day and age that technological advances give us some pretty sweet service up there in the sky and chances are you will have some form of digital entertainment but we know watching random movies for 15+ hours doesn't always cut it and in a world that is heavily internet dependant there is likely going to be a few social media withdrawals on board too. Read below the magical remedies that will finally let you enjoy yourself a bit more on that super long journey!

IDEA #1.

Grab a book. Remember those things with paper pages and words written on them? A little old school we know but you will thank us when a lovely voice comes over the aircraft speakers to let you know the entertainment system is down and will not be working throughout your entire journey to the other side of the world. Ugggh. Grab a book that has something to do with your interests or even grab an adult colouring in book. Colouring Books are totally trending at the moment so you won't get any weird looks and apparently is one of the best forms of stress relief. Add that to the relaxation holiday mode you are already in and you are going to be the happiest person on the planet when you step off that plane.

[Hopefully all that practice when you were younger has taught you how to stay in the lines.]

IDEA #2.

Get in early and get a window seat, especially if your flight is during the day. Looking out of a plane window is like watching a free episode of Planet Earth and you can add your very own David Attenborough voice over as you take in some of Earths giant oceans, spectacular mountains, endless desserts or ice caps all from a bird's-eye view. Added bonus features of a window seat selection... it is the perfect spot for nap time if you prefer to sleep majority of the journey. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

[You couldn't get a better view if you tried.]

IDEA #3.

Map out your trip or start a travel journal. Your future self is already thanking you and calling you a legend. There is nothing better than a first-hand account of the travel journey you have entailed from the food you ate on the flight to the feeling you first felt stepping off that plane as your new adventure begins. Even though your flight may not be filled with endless tales you can also start mapping out where you want to go, a sort of travel bucket list for yourself. You can also get creative and decide if you want to blog, vlog with a GoPro, Snapchat or start a YouTube channel so others can follow your footsteps too. This is the perfect downtime to get organised and know exactly what you want to do.

[Mapping out your trip will only get you more excited.]

IDEA #4.

Bring your own smart device along for the journey so you can keep your technology cravings at bay. We suggest getting onto your iTunes account prior to take off to download an album or four, or better yet an entire season of a TV show you haven't watched yet. Obviously check out the trailer first so you know it's not going to bore you but by the time you make it through 20 episodes at 45 minutes a pop you should almost be touching down again. Remember iTunes has free content to download too so always see what's available so you can save a few more dollars for your trip.

(The essentials...passport, sunnies, tickets, music and some tailored entertainment).

IDEA #5.

Work out. Although they don't have gyms on planes yet (million dollar idea!) it is good travel ethic to keep your blood circulating throughout the flight and this is a great way to distract your mind from any form of boredom. Pack your exercise shoes and set yourself a little circuit and do reps of 10 knees raises, seated twists, or a few laps stretching down the aisles. Repeat as many times as you like. This is perfect for all the fitties out there and even the not so fit. Just be sure to keep all motions to a small area so you don't accidentally high kick the person sitting next to you.

[Super comfortable even if you don't do your plane work out.]

IDEA #6.

Finally, if none of the above is working out for you then it's time to hit the air bar. This for those of you in Economy, is just the seat that you are already in (perfect you don't even have to move!). Press the button overhead and order the good stuff in a plastic cup and why not see if you can get some interesting tales out of the person sitting next to you. Most of the time you will find that the people you sit next to on planes are the ones with the most interesting stories that will keep you entertained for hours and if they aren't that chatty maybe you can get some help with your colouring book.

[These guys know.]

At the end of the day there is only so much you can do on a plane with a few hundred people seated, sleeping or purposefully trying to avoid eye contact with anyone. So do what you can to stay entertained and the biggest advice we can give you is to just keep imagining the urge of excitement that will race through your body when you land at your final destination!

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Alana Deghelli

Alana Deghelli

Alana was a Digital Media Manager at The Global Work & Travel Co. and super fan of exploring the world. She has travelled to 24 countries, 83 cities so far and loves nothing more than sharing her adventures in the hope it inspires others to get out and see this big, beautiful world!