7 of the best spots for street art in the world

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Feb 23, 2017

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Lover of big cities? Well, turns out, so are we and if you are wanting to experience a new city in a different way than normal we have a fun-filled activity for you to take up. Go on the hunt for street art! In most vibrant and dynamic cities, street artists give new life to the city. Here we have a list of the 7 best cities around the world to see the most amazing unique street art. So, let the journey begin!

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

We're starting off big in one of world’s best street art capitals! These gems are hidden in the laneways and side streets of Melbourne and it is guaranteed you will find the most amazing creations. From something a lil crazy, funny ones, to incredibly realistic ones, some full of colours and others in simple black and white. Definitely check out Hosier Lane, Union Street and Central Place to grab a drink in one of the many cute cafes.
(Probably where Kylie Jenner got her inspo for her lipkits...)


Street art in Berlin definitely has a story to tell, especially the ones in the East Side Gallery. Here you will find more than 100 protest pieces of art which were made on the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. They are expressions of opinions, frustrations and freedom. Nowadays the city is full of original pieces, so keep your eyes open to find them in places you might not expect…
(Watch out...car coming through!)


New York aka the birthplace of street art. The ‘Big Apple’ houses endless pieces of art which can be found on every street corner. Some spots to keep in mind for the street art lovers out there are Brooklyn, the Lower East Side and Chelsea. Definitely head over to Bowery Wall, where you will find new pieces almost everyday!
(Concrete jungle where dreams are made of... and epic side of building artworks!)

Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

When walking through Buenos Aires your eyes will be catching street art everywhere your feet lead you. The city is full of large, colorful and imaginative murals painted on blank walls, abandoned buildings and in metro stations. The people are proud of these expressions of art and each piece has brought neighbourhoods and streets back to life. Tip: take a guided street art tour to hear the fascinating story behind the murals.
(Well, it's different to the outdoor scenery we're used to, but we love it!)


You could call London the European capital of street art. The big collection of street art pieces are made by some world famous street artists, like the anonymous Banksy, but mostly by unknown local and international artists. Street art in the city is constantly disappearing, evolving and telling different stories, from social criticism, to humor and freedom. So, walk around and admire the beauty of it, oh and bonus it is free!
(This work of art already has its eye on you!)


The ‘City of Lights’ is already breathtakingly beautiful, but for the past few years the creative underground community has become very visible above ground. They use the city’s infrastructure to show their street art to the world. See wild colour pallets and animated lines, which all comes to life when walking through Paris’ famous little streets. Take your time and try to find as many as you can.
(Our lips are sealed)

Barcelona, SPAIN

First home of famous artists Picasso and DalÍ, nowadays street artists are bringing new life to the city. The city has become a harmonious blend of the old and the new. You will find most of the street art on garage doors, doorways, electricity boxes and road signs. To see the big murals you must definitely check out the Gothic Quarter or the upcoming neighborhood Poblenou.
(Everyone's checking out the Royal Flush and we're wondering what happened to that rabbits' arms)

By now you’re probably looking up flight times to all these cities to catch some of these incredible pieces! Go on the hunt to find the big colorful murals, keep your eyes open for the small hidden ones and be amazed by their beauty. We’re all about it and here to help you start this colourful adventure and it’s as simple as clicking the blue button below to start the street art tour of a lifetime!

Take me away!

Merel Sijm

Merel Sijm

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