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Sep 19, 2017

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Asia certainly packs a punch! It's the largest and most populated continent on the globe with incredible culture, plenty of countries to roam and ancient traditions to explore. If you feel like volunteering is your calling, we have a huge range of wonderful life changing experiences to tug at your humanitarian heartstrings!

Volunteer_In_Asia .jpg(Get up close with some of the most kind-natured orangutans in all the land!)

Orangutan Conservation

Recommended stay? 2 - 12 weeks

Where? Perak, Malaysia

What will you do? Conservation & Education

Knowing that the Bornean orangutan population has fallen by 50% in the past 60 years is truly heartbreaking. This trip allows you to keep these precious beings safe to breed. From picturesque peninsulas, bustling cities and dense jungles, you have the opportunity to explore it all while you protect the only apes inhabiting Asia. Every second that a volunteer dedicates their time, we come closer to ensuring the Bornean Orangutan will never face extinction!

Volunteer_In_Asia15.jpg(Your daily duties will include cuddling up to these cuties)

Street Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation

Recommended stay? 2-3 months

Location? Hua Hin, Thailand

What will you do? Animal Care, Rescue & Rehabilitation

Hua Hin is a delightful little mix of city and sea. With lively markets, long beaches and the tastiest of foods. There really isn’t anywhere else quite like it and sadly there isn’t really anything in place to look after the overgrown population of stray dogs here! Joining forces with our wonderful pals at Rescue Paws, this project plays a major role in caring for and rehabilitating them. We even get our furry friends adopted out into homes across Canada!

Volunteer_In_Asia14.jpg(Discover the true heart and beauty of this tropical oasis!)

Bali Cultural Adventure

Recommended Stay? 3 weeks with the choice to stay longer if available!

Location? Mostly Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

What will you do? Adventure, volunteer, experience and fall in love with Bali

Even the thought of Bali brings about a tropical state of mind. This trip packs in the joys of adventure, the incredibly festive culture and the ability to help out all in one! You can choose to educate the local community in English, promoting health awareness or assisting in the construction of houses, community halls or renovating temples.

Volunteer_In_Asia12.jpg(Walking, feeding and bath-time! Enjoy each day working with these gentle giants)

Elephant Rehabilitation & Rescue

Recommended Stay? 2-4 weeks

Location? Chiang Mai & other locations

What will you do? Adventure, volunteer, educate and experience local Thai life

Live amongst gentle giants and spend each week hopping around to a new location. You’ll start off in Chiang Mai as you learn about the beautiful nature of elephants and the importance of protecting them from illegal ivory trade and poachers. Here it’s all about protecting them from harm so you will create a positive impact, lasting long after your departure.

sven-scheuermeier-305770.jpg(Myanmar is the new black of travel destinations!)

Magical Myanmar

Recommended Stay? 2-8 weeks

Location? Myanmar

What will you do? Teach English

The land of faith, tradition, colour and kindness. This trip is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the incredible Buddhist lifestyle. Embrace their rich culture and teach monks the ways of the western world as you explore the untouched paradise in one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant and culturally rich hubs.

Volunteer_In_Asia10 .jpg(With the diversity of Nepal at your fingertips explore the traditional way of life)

Humanitarian Volunteer Nepal

Recommended Stay? 2 weeks and more!

Location? Mostly Kathmandu Valley in Nepal

What will you do? Volunteer in a monastery, teach English, orphan care & animal treatment.

Stationed high in the Himalaya’s - Nepal is the land of yaks, snow peaks and monasteries. This trip offers the opportunity to experience monastery living. You can help teach English to monks, work in orphanages, help disadvantaged children or work in an animal treatment centre to minimise the number of stray dogs.

Volunteer_In_Asia3.jpg(Walk away with a deep sense of accomplishment and cultural understanding)

Namaste Nepal

Recommended Stay? Minimum 4 weeks

Location? Nepal

What will you do? Assist locals on a number of community volunteer projects

This enriching experience will give you the chance to teach local children, care for orphans and work closely with local communities in areas of health and women’s empowerment. You will also have the chance to take in the beauty of the historic temples, amazing cuisine and make new volunteer pals along the way!

Volunteer_In_Asia5.jpg(Experience adventure, culture and the chance to give back to the community)

Sri Lanka Volunteer

Recommended Stay? Minimum 4 weeks

Location? Colombo, Sri Lanka

What will you do? Working within a local community doing humanitarian work

Sri Lanka is the home of pure diversity and another wonder of Asia. While you explore the scenic landscapes of dense rainforest to pristine beaches you’ll work in Colombo, a busy and vibrant city with a mix of modern and historical touches. Helping others has never been as moving or rewarding as this humanitarian adventure.

Volunteer_In_Asia .jpeg(Place yourself in the hearts of the locals and provide education, support and innovation to their small rural towns)

Community Outreach Cambodia

Recommended Stay? 4 weeks

Location? Cambodia

What will you do? Pre-school teaching with community development

This adventure will give you an incredibly rewarding feeling as you take the time to teach English to rural Cambodians. This unique adventure will give you insight into the genuine urban and rural Cambodia that most don’t see when they visit!


If you’re looking to make a positive change and don’t know where to start let the Work & Travel Experts at The Global Work & Travel Co. assist you in making your humanitarian travel dreams come true.

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