Cal Bailey

Cal Bailey

Cal runs a travel blog he started after two years of backpacking around the world. Mountain Leon came from a love for both English and Spanish, his favourite animal (lion) and favourite activity (mountain climbing). It’s his way to share his knowledge and experience of camping, hiking and all things travel. If you want to learn more about life on the road, check out his latest posts!

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A Local's Guide To Byron Bay

person_outline Cal Bailey
Aug 6, 2018
timer 6 min read

If you don’t yet adore Byron Bay, one thing is for sure: you soon will. A trip to this magical Australian coastal town could be just the thing if you’re into reinvigoration, exploration and relaxation. Byron Bay is a gem on the northern coast of New South Wales; it is a dreamy, sun-soaked town flanked by various natural wonders and blessed with an awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset each day.