John Gallagher

John Gallagher

John is a travel writer, who was raised in San Diego, California. He’s travelled his home state extensively and is desperately missing Cali’s perfect climate while he’s away at college in Ohio. To see more of John’s work, check out Trip101, a one-stop shop for travel enthusiasts around the world, offering the latest guides on different ways to travel and places to check out.

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Life Outdoors in Canada: How to Pack for Your Hiking Adventures

person_outline John Gallagher
Jun 18, 2018
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This special edition is from Trip101 - a one-stop guide for travel enthusiasts around the world, supported by an ever-growing community of travel writers. They provide inspiration to help facilitate travel in a fun and meaningful manner with everything from destination guides to accommodation recommendations for vacation rentals and hotels. As we head into hiking season in Canada, they take us through exactly what you need to know about the great outdoors.