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The Global Work & Travel Co.

Founded in 2008, The Global Work & Travel Co. has since grown to be one of the world’s leading youth travel brands, specialising in working holidays, ethical animal & community volunteering trips, au pair & teaching exchanges, student internships, flights, travel insurance and more! Our mission is to make travel easy, so you can see the world in a meaningful way.

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Working Holiday

How to Nail Your Next Job Interview

Aug 27, 2018
timer 9 min read

A face-to-face interview can be tough enough. Now with the increasingly popular addition of Skype interviews added to the recruitment process, it can seem downright daunting. Fear not! We had our Arrivals Team Managers from around the globe stop by to fill us in on all the do’s and don’t’s - to ensure your qualifications shine through and you land your dream job abroad from the comfort of your bedroom.


The top 8 gap year travellers!

Nov 9, 2016
timer 3 min read

Just in the UK alone an adventurous 250,000 young travellers set off every single year for the gap year of a lifetime. They pack their bags and leave their former life behind to embrace new cultures, meet a whirlwind of new friends and give themselves the opportunity to experience life like they never have before. A time to take off, explore the world and leave the pressures and stresses of modern life at home.