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Jun 3, 2015

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South Africa is a beautiful destination frequently on travellers bucket lists. With so many unique ways to travel other than simply holidaying, South Africa has a wide range of experiences to appeal to everyone. We give you the low down on the key things you need to know before travelling!

Rhino and zebra roaming the African plains
  • Population: 55 million
  • Capital Cities: Cape Town, Pretoria & Bloemfontein
  • Best time to travel: Any time of the year - their seasons are reversed to those who reside in the northern hemisphere. Summer is October - February, Autumn is mid February - April, Winter is late May-September and Spring is August-October.

South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world and the 24th most populous. It is located at the southern tip of Africa and can be a perfect spot to whale watch from mid June to the end of October as it has many miles of coastline that stretch past the Indian and South Atlantic Ocean.

Global travellers help game rangers with conservation efforts

There is a wide variety of adventures to experience when travelling and exploring the country. Diving, hiking and whale watching are popular activities that might just take your fancy. If you’re more of the adventurous type, hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town might be just the thing for you, alternatively catching the cable car up and back can give you the perfect scenic views. Safaris in South Africa are popular as well; getting up close and watching wild animals in their natural habitats is a unique experience only available in a few countries and South Africa offers it in spades. There's also an amazing variety of great causes to volunteer towards!

Whatever it is that takes your fancy, South Africa has a lot to offer for the open-minded traveller.

South Africa, often dubbed ‘Rainbow Nation’ as it celebrates its many African and immigrant cultures, is a multiethnic country with that has a wide mix of cultures, religions and languages (11 officially). Their main language is English however, you might catch the locals speaking Afrikaans or other local dialects.

A global traveller cooks with a local African family

The cost of living and accommodation in South Africa is quite reasonable, depending on where you choose to travel and reside. Of course more dense/urban areas tend to have a slightly higher price tag but are closer to things like restaurants and shops. Daily living in these areas are known to be cheap, with a glass of wine often costing as little as $3. With any country, it depends on what your standard of living may be.

The people of South Africa generally have a very welcoming nature. Like any country you may come across the odd and unfriendly individual but generally they are willing to help and enjoy meeting new people! Be conscious that it is best to travel in groups and with a degree of caution.

Global traveller feeds a Cheetah cub at the conservation centre in South Africa

Cape Town is South Africa’s main capital (it actually has 3). It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and is home to many immigrants and expats. Cape Town is known for its adventurous side and if you’re feeling up to it, is home to Great White shark diving! Local cuisine is a must while traveling and they may tempt your taste buds with dishes like Boerewors.

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Hannah Evans

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