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Feb 16, 2016

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Travel & Food. Two of the best things in the world and you can do them both at once! We have the perfect list of world eats for the wandering foodies out there to tick off on your next adventure!
Gelato.jpg(The best part about becoming an get to make the executive decision to have gelato for breakfast!)

Ok here are our top 20 world eats to get you started! Of course we also highly recommend snacking whilst reading the below to keep the hunger pains at bay. 


There is too much to choose from so throw the diet out and make way for a pizza entree, a pasta or gnocchi main followed by gelato and repeat everyday you are there.



From Cornwall in England comes the Cornish Pasty. A  baked pastry with a lengthy selection of different fillings to choose from. Simple but tasty!


Dumplings anywhere in the world are a delight and usually an extremely well priced meal. Time to get your chopstick skills sharp and head to a dumpling house in China!


Apfelstrudel more englishly known as Apple Strudel is a baked pastry with a sweet apple filling. Sugar levels are high on this one.


Everything with Tzatziki on it! Everything! Put it on your pita, your greek salad, Fasolakia or eat it as a dip. Tzatziki is a simple staple of yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil! 


This black paste has a salty twang that Aussies like to match up with their toast in the morning. Surprisingly delicious when cheese joins the party too!


Just like Italy you want to try everything especially when walking into a French Patisserie. Croissants, Crème Brulee, Nutella Crepes, Macaroons, Tarts, drool, endess sugary perfection!
French Treats


Think fries smothered in cheese curd and topped with gravy in your mouth all at once. Best food invention ever and a perfect way to warm up on a snowy winters day.  Find yourself making excuses just to eat it. It's actually that good.
(Other countries have tried but Poutine will never taste as good as it does in Canada!)


An ancient berry full of antioxidants and delicious taste is the 
Açaí berry. Perfect in smoothies and the famous Açaí bowl that you will of course be trying!

SCOTLAND Scotland on Apple iOS 11.3

The Scots love a wee sweetie and the simple sugar treat Tablet is a way better food tasting choice than chomping on other traditional dishes like Haggis. 


You know why tacos are amazing? Because you can put whatever you want in them and they will always be delicious! Corn shells, number of fillings and there's always cheese involved. 

Nasi Goreng means fried rice so it is easy to know what to expect. Each ingredient is chopped to fine perfection and flipped in a large wok and served with a sunny side up egg on top.


The original kiwi dip is made up of a can of NESTLÉ Reduced Cream with a packet MAGGI Onion Soup then eaten with potato chips. Try Pineapple Lumps while you are there too!


Pide is amazing. Pide is the pizza of the middle east. Get there already!



Belgian Waffles. Belgian chocalate over the waffles. Fruit with chocolate over it over the chocolate on the waffle. Belgian icing sugar dusted over the waffle, chocolate, fruit, chocolate. Enough said. 


Usually cooked in a giant pan Paella is a rice dish of bursting flavours! Like most traditional dishes over time it has lots of variations and spices to keep things interesting.


It's the freshest you will ever taste. Made like an art the sushi in Japan is beautiful. Oh and delicious of course. You can even go to mini sushi restaurants!


With spices everywhere you know what you came here to do and that's eat every curry you can set your sights on. Just be warned the spice level is usually set to super hot.
(Seriously how do they make it stay like that!)

MOROCCO Morocco on Apple iOS 11.3

Similar to a stew, a traditional Tagine is cooked over hot coals in a ceramic, pointy shaped pot and are usually slow cooked for a number of hours even a day in length!

THAILAND Thailand on Apple iOS 11.3

Hit the streets and get your hands on some Pad Thai. A delicious stir-fried rice noodle dish with zesty juices, spices and everything else that goes into it!

That should get you started but there are thousands more dishes to tickle your tastebuds all around the world! We could be looking at a second edition of Eats around the world (Stay Tuned!)

Get the chance to put two favourites together and eat your way around the globe with a simple click below!

I'm hungry & ready to see the world!

Tell us about your foodie adventures abroad, below! 👇

Alana Deghelli

Alana Deghelli

Digital Media Manager at The Global Work & Travel Co. and super fan of exploring the world, Alana has been at Global Headquarters in Australia since 2013. She has travelled to 24 countries, 83 cities so far and loves nothing more than to share her adventures in the hope it inspires others to get out and see this big, beautiful world.