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Our Top 7 Places to Visit in Europe this Summer

person_outline Sophie Grove
Apr 16, 2019
timer 15 min read

Guess what? Things are starting to heat up in Europe, and that can only mean one thing… the summertime escapades are about to kick off.

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The Maple Trail: 13 Hikes to do in Canada this Summer

person_outline Sophie Grove
Apr 9, 2019
timer 14 min read

Canada has got a lot to be proud of. It’s the land of Caesars, the maple leaf and national parks galore. Some of their parks are so gigantic they have more surface area than some small countries (Denmark & Switzerland - we’re talking to you).

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Work & Travel Australia: A Year in Review

person_outline Paul Salva Cruz
Apr 2, 2019
timer 11 min read

This edition comes from Global Traveller Paul from the US, as he stationed himself in Australia on a year-long Working Holiday trip with The Global Work & Travel Co.

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Insider South America Series, Chapter 7: Mendoza, Argentina

Mar 19, 2019
timer 10 min read

Quick question: Do you like fine wine? Then Mendoza, the land of sun and fine wine has your name all over it.

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Why a Road Trip Through New Zealand Should Be on Your List

person_outline Trevor McDonald
Mar 12, 2019
timer 9 min read

Some of the most iconic movies were filmed in New Zealand. Think Black Samurai, Wolverine and any of the classic Lord of the Rings series.

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My First Week on a Working Holiday in Australia

person_outline Rebecca Sanche
Mar 5, 2019
timer 5 min read

This special edition features Global Traveller Rebecca as she takes us through the first few days on the sunny shores of Australia on her Working Holiday trip with The Global Work & Travel Co.

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Insider South America Series, Chapter 6: Hiking Hacks in Patagonia

Feb 26, 2019
timer 9 min read

With the South Western part of Argentina being home to over 300 glaciers, it's safe to say we won't get through them all. But you will need some time, and energy to get around to all of the amazing experiences the heart of Patagonia has to offer. 

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Global Destination Reviews: Northern Ireland Travel

person_outline Andy Finlay
Feb 19, 2019
timer 3 min read

Although relatively small in size - and with a population of less than 2 million people - Northern Ireland certainly punches above its weight!


11 Not So Lovey-Dovey Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World

person_outline Sophie Grove
Feb 12, 2019
timer 13 min read

Believe it or not, the lovers' holiday was not actually created by Hallmark as a sneaky way to increase sales. Much like Halloween traditions dictate, its origins are likely rooted in pagan partying.