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Insider South America Series, Chapter 3: Bariloche, Argentina

Dec 13, 2018
timer 10 min read

Welcome to where the world ends, and Patagonia begins. Bariloche is known for it’s Swiss style architecture and delicious chocolate. It's a great base for hiking and skiing the nearby mountains and exploring the surrounding Lake District.

Travel Advice

9 Realities of Long Term Travel

person_outline Tommy Walker
Dec 10, 2018
timer 12 min read

A constant surge for adventure filled with exotic destinations, the best backdrops and all the cultures in the world – long-term travel for many people, is living the dream.

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15 Food Markets We’d Get on a Plane For

person_outline Sophie Grove
Dec 6, 2018
timer 17 min read

There are countless types of travellers out there. There are the history buffs, the outdoor adventure junkies and even the leisure seekers.

Global Stories

Insider South America Series, Chapter 2: El Calafate - The heart of Patagonia

Dec 3, 2018
timer 10 min read

Patagonia… to put it simply - If it’s not on your bucket list, then you need a new bucket list. We thought for weeks about how we would describe the natural beauty of Patagonia and after weeks of thinking and discussing, we ended up with less than we started. What we can tell you is that it's by far, the single most beautiful part of the world that we have ever been able to experience. Many times in our stay, we found ourselves gazing at something, in some direction, trying to put thoughts to words, but coming up with absolutely nothing!

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Insider South America Series, Chapter 1: Pucón, Chile

Nov 29, 2018
timer 13 min read

Chile is chock-full of beautiful little towns, big cities and plenty of things to do! But, the first town to chuck on your must-see list is Pucón. The small eight by eight block adventure town has a lot to offer travellers of all budgets.

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My Australian Global Journey So Far

person_outline Andrew Irving
Nov 26, 2018
timer 9 min read

This special edition features one Global Traveller in particular - Andrew! You may well have seen his stunning snaps featured all over our #globalworkandtravel tag on Insta. Now he’s taking us through the first few days on the sunny shores of Australia on his Working Holiday trip with The Global Work & Travel Co.

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Perfect Gift Ideas for Every Type of Traveller

person_outline Sophie Grove
Nov 19, 2018
timer 38 min read

Whether it’s the gift-giving season or you simply want to stock up on some travel essentials for yourself, spark wanderlust with any of these thoughtful gift ideas for every type of traveller out there!

Destination Reviews

Global Destination Reviews: The Ultimate Tanzania Itinerary

person_outline Sophie Grove
Nov 15, 2018
timer 18 min read

Want a destination with dreamy turquoise blue water, the highest mountains in Africa and the most ferocious creatures on the continent? Tanzania is your place. With the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Mt Kilimanjaro alone - this country is an adventurer’s paradise. So grab your safari gear and binoculars, we’re headed to Tanzania for a real taste of Africa!

Destination Reviews

Global Destination Reviews: Exactly Where to Travel in Ecuador

person_outline Sophie Grove
Nov 8, 2018
timer 5 min read

Tucked between Colombia and Peru sits Ecuador, a diverse country that straddles the equator on South America's west coast. Ecuador is famous for being home to the wildlife-rich Galapagos Islands, but there is so very much more to explore in the fourth smallest nation in South America.