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My Canadian Journey So Far

person_outline Teisha Cloos
Aug 13, 2018
timer 3 min read

As I look back on my last three months in Canada, I can’t help but think how lucky I am to have had such amazing experiences in such a short amount of time. My trip is far from over but here is a little snapshot of what I have been up to...

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The 5 Cheapest Countries in the World For You to Explore

person_outline Michael Gregory
Aug 9, 2018
timer 4 min read

When travelling we often moan about how expensive things are when visiting popular tourist spots. It’s no wonder really – if you visit the most popular destinations then you’re likely to encounter prices that match the demand! Cheaper, less visited countries can easily exceed these popular tourist spots in terms of authenticity, excitement, and the amount of things to do.

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A Local's Guide To Byron Bay

person_outline Cal Bailey
Aug 6, 2018
timer 6 min read

If you don’t yet adore Byron Bay, one thing is for sure: you soon will. A trip to this magical Australian coastal town could be just the thing if you’re into reinvigoration, exploration and relaxation. Byron Bay is a gem on the northern coast of New South Wales; it is a dreamy, sun-soaked town flanked by various natural wonders and blessed with an awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset each day.

Au Pair

The Everyday Life of An Au Pair in Paris

person_outline Keely Hamilton
Aug 2, 2018
timer 9 min read

If you love children and want to travel, working overseas as an Au Pair could be a perfect option for you. Hold your horses though, before you actually move abroad and start working as an Au Pair, you’ll want to do some research about what it’s like. You probably already have some ideas about what life will be like. Some of your ideas may be spot on, while others might need some tweaking! This is where Keely comes in! She’s a Global Au Pair from Australia currently living in Paris. And below is what her weekly routine looks like in her own words.

Travel Advice

The Pros & Cons of Solo Travel

person_outline Tommy Walker
Jul 30, 2018
timer 4 min read

Solo travel requires independent, adventurous souls who are comfortable being their own company. Hats off to all solo travellers, I applaud you because your travel experiences become maximised, everything is a little more satisfying because you did it yourself. Whilst there’s definitely a sense of achievement in solo travel, and a big one at that, there are a number of pros and cons you might like to consider the next time before you’re hitting the road.

Destination Reviews

Global Destination Reviews: South Korea Bucket List

person_outline Sophie Grove
Jul 26, 2018
timer 5 min read

South Korea used to be overlooked as a travel destination in favour of its neighbours Japan & China. However, more and more travellers are discovering its delightful combo of new tech, ancient traditions, vibrant & quirky culture and amazing eats. From the streets of Seoul to the subtropical beaches of Jeju Island, here's our South Korea Bucket List…


The Pros & Cons of Volunteering Abroad

person_outline Sophie Grove
Jul 23, 2018
timer 11 min read

Gone are the days when Greenpeace was your only option of a decent volunteer experience. Today, it’s easier than ever to find well run, organised programs. However, while it is an admirable task, it’s worth discussing the potential pitfalls and the positives before you dive in. After all, the better you understand the risks and rewards, the better prepared you’ll be! Here are the pros and cons of volunteering abroad.

Travel Advice

Cultural Mistakes You Should Avoid in Southeast Asia

person_outline Tommy Walker
Jul 19, 2018
timer 4 min read

In recent years it’s no secret that Southeast Asia has become one of the world’s major tourist destinations. With rich cultural identities, lush verdant jungles, out-of-this-world cuisine, paradisiac beaches and exotic wildlife, Southeast Asian region never needs a hard sell... Yet in Southeast Asia, made up of 11 countries, there are many laws and customs you should be very aware of. It’s all good going on holiday and being completely carefree, but in this part of the world, the nations that make up the region have strong cultural and religious identities that you should respect.

Destination Reviews

Global Destination Reviews: China Checklist

person_outline Sophie Grove
Jul 16, 2018
timer 7 min read

At 9,596,960 square kms, China is huge. It’s just behind Russia, Canada and the US in terms of size. With its thriving population of over 1.4 billion people, and its thousand-year-old traditions there is so much to see and do in China. Come with as we explore one of the four great ancient civilizations and some of the world’s greatest treasures with our China Checklist.