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May 17, 2016

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We’re always talking about travel here at The Global Work & Travel Co.! We are obsessed with the thrill of exploring this world which is why there is nothing better than helping our Global Travellers make their travel dreams come true too. We’re in love with seeing the world, just like you. So, we rounded up some of our team from our Australian Global Headquarters to share their worldly adventures that will hopefully inspire you to explore even more!

Jurgen.jpg   Jürgen Himmelmann (CEO)

Where is your favourite place in the world? This has always been an extremely hard question to answer, as once you've travelled a lot you learn that nowhere is like you imagined, and everywhere has something to love about it. If I absolutely had to choose one place (like right now), I would first gravitate towards London. (Despite the reputation of being cold and wet, it makes sunny days even better and the 10pm sunset in summer is hands down awesome.)
Describe it: London is full of culture, beautiful architecture, great food and even better nightlife. It's an adult's playground where you can literally do whatever you feel like, anytime of day.
Why you love it? It's the doorway to Europe which is easily accessible and affordable for quick weekend getaways to experience anything you feel like at the time. 
Favourite memory: When the sun comes out, you can't get much better than the rooftop parties across the city in summer, overlooking the entire London.
(Who wouldn't enjoy roof top hangs with a view like that! Even St Paul's Cathedral makes a sneaky appearance!)

Jay.jpg   Jay M. (Sales Manager)

Where is your favourite place in the world? Ahh um... Koh Rong!
Describe it: It's like the movie The Beach, it's basically that! You're living like Leonardo Di Caprio. It's tropical, sublime, adventurous and simple.
Why you love it? Why?... because I felt like I was Leo in The Beach. It was more beautiful and magical than any other place I could have imagined.
Favourite memory: Skinny-dipping with 20 other backpackers under a full moon, surrounded by glowing plankton.
(There aren't enough love heart emojis in the world to describe this view!)

Mary.jpg   Mary-Rose M. (Work & Travel Expert)

Where is your favourite place in the world? In the world, that I've been? I'd probably have to say Ios, probably because I'm a party gal.
Describe it: Insane, so basically it's a party island full of travellers, letting loose and having fun! It's welcoming, adventurous and rural.
Why you love it? Because there are no rules, no restrictions. You can do whatever you want and you become somewhat nocturnal.
Favourite memory: I was there for a week and the whole thing is one big memory! Going to Pathos, a mansion bar on a cliff, overlooking the ocean at sunset.
(When big nights turn into beautiful sunrises and rooftops. Only in Ios!)

Jade.jpg   Jade M. (Trip Coordinator)

Where is your favourite place in the world? Ahh... Ecuador!
Describe it: Uh I'm under, are you writing down my ums? Unique! What's another word for outdoors? Adventurous! I don't know how to describe it, it's the best of both worlds. Wow, & welcoming.
Why you love it? I guess because it's not the typical destination. It's got all different areas. The Amazon, volcanoes, the beaches and the Galapagos Islands.  
Favourite memory: Diving with hammerhead sharks! Wait, can I have more than one?! Sitting on an off-cliff swing while the volcano was erupting.
(It's not everyday that you have an active volcano as your view!) 

Luiz.jpg   Luiz F. (Creative Director)

Where is your favourite place in the world? RIO DE JANEIRO!
Describe it: Culture, music, food & the people!
Why you love it? You feel this fulfilling and positive energy as soon as you are there.  
Favourite memory: Listening to Samba music in Lapa! Also, watching the sunrise at Arpoador Rock! You have to see it.
(Skateboards and sunrises at Arpoador Rock - Rio)

Sean.jpg   Sean M. (Sales Team Manager)

Where is your favourite place in the world? This is a hard one...there are so many...ummm...PRAGUE!
Describe it: It’s beautiful, traditional, social and has everything!
Why you love it? It has so much freedom, you can wake up at 3am if you want to go get a 3-course meal and a cheap beer (everything is ridiculously cheap) or you can find yourself going down a flight of stairs to find one of the underground bunkers from the Soviet days turned into a funky club or nightclub going off.
Favourite memory: Too many... the Vltava River and Charles Bridge, a white christmas and the sunsets. It’s beautiful. Make sure you check out Harley's bar in old town! 

(You'd be trippin' if you didn't fall in love with this place!)

Vanessa.jpg   Vanessa H. (Reception & Administration)

Where is your favourite place in the world? New York City
Describe it: Mesmerising, upbeat atmosphere, fast and beautiful!
Why you love it? There is always something to do, always something to see. You can eat, drink or be entertained at any time of the day or night! Cream cheese bagels and oh my god, street truck Halal!! There just isn't any place quite like it, it takes a hold of ya!
Fave memory: Reuniting with my best friend, sitting on her rooftop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a bottle of wine overlooking the Manhattan skyline in the freezing negatives!

("Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way" - Biggie Smalls)

Ben.jpg   Ben C. (Work & Travel Expert)

Where is your favourite place in the world? Budapest
Describe it: Happy, cheap, beautiful and welcoming.
Why you love it? It’s just so beautiful. There is so much to do, it has a huge history. I feel like it gets overlooked, but, it is amazing!
Favourite memory: Eating the freshest oysters I’ve had in my whole life and they were so cheap too, right by the river overlooking the Parliament House.
(Tans, sunnies and epic backdrop. That'll do it!)

Jenni.jpg  Jenni N. (Pre-Arrival Coordinator)

Where is your favourite place in the world?  Vancouver/Whistler… I can have them both, right?
Describe it: 
Wilderness, fashion - Canadians are awesome, oh and food!
Why you love it? I like cities so I loved Vancouver, everything is just so pretty.
Snowboarding for the first time because it was a new experience and being able to come in after a big day on the slopes and chill with a beer at the Apres.
(Oh those powder days!)

Now we've shared some of our favourites from our awesome team, it's time for you to share yours in the comments below! If you haven't been on any adventures yet, or feel like it's time for another one, just click the blue button below and let's get you on a plane already!

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Alana Deghelli

Alana Deghelli

Alana was a Digital Media Manager at The Global Work & Travel Co. and super fan of exploring the world. She has travelled to 24 countries, 83 cities so far and loves nothing more than sharing her adventures in the hope it inspires others to get out and see this big, beautiful world!