Internships Abroad: 7 Awesome Skills You Can Take Home With You

person_outline Florian Rasmussen
Jan 30, 2018
timer 5 min read

You might have heard that internships can be key to making it in the business world. By undertaking an internship you can get hands-on experience in the field, see what aspects of a business you prefer and perhaps even which ones you don’t! All before you commit to a full-time career.

Travel Advice

The “How-to-pack-your-life-in-a-suitcase” Guide

person_outline Sophie Grove
Sep 5, 2017
timer 9 min read

Woohoo! You're all booked and ready for your big adventure abroad, but as time draws closer to takeoff, that one dark cloud of stress continues to loom over, doesn’t it? It’s that dreaded travel checklist. Probably something you’ll leave to the last minute and forever regret. Especially when your phone’s already dead at the airport and your treasured charger is waiting at home!


Why You Should Volunteer in Africa

person_outline Sophie Grove
Aug 8, 2017
timer 5 min read

Picture this... Lions roaring, elephants stomping around and cheetahs lurking in the grass. A volunteer trip to Africa will be loaded with pinch-yourself-moments just like this. You’ll constantly believe you’re living a real life David Attenborough special. With prolific wildlife, iconic landscapes and 30 million km of wild lands - you’re bound to have a-frican good time all over. But if you’re still not convinced, here’s a few more reasons why you should seriously consider it.

Global's Journey

Our Go-To's for REAL Reviews

person_outline Sophie Grove
Jun 21, 2017
timer 7 min read

One request we get often from potential travellers is what review websites they can turn to for feedback about The Global Work & Travel Co.? Well, bear with me here because I'm about to break it down for you and make it super easy to search up as many genuine online reviews as you please! (Over 3,000 of them, actually!)

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7 of the best camping spots in the world!

person_outline Alana Deghelli
May 17, 2017
timer 4 min read

Ok lovers of the outdoors! Get your tent pegs ready, we've found the ultimate locations in the world to pitch your tent and feel the serenity. Plus these destinations will blow your mind, not your wallet! That's a win right there!

Destination Reviews

Global Destination Reviews: Gold Coast, Australia

person_outline Alana Deghelli
Jan 29, 2016
timer 9 min read

Imagine waking up to a perfect sunrise, squishing your feet between soft sand as you take a cruisy morning stroll followed by coffee at a trendy little cafe somewhere along the coastline. Bliss!...and this is just the start of your day! Fill the rest of your day with waterfalls, a surf, tanning, so much food, incredible views and we’re pretty sure we have just convinced you to make the Gold Coast your next vaycay destination!