Christmas Around the World: 13 Weird & Wonderful Traditions

person_outline Sophie Grove
Dec 19, 2017
timer 13 min read

With more than two billion partakers joining in on the festivities each year, it’s the most celebrated holiday in the world. Christmas is typically a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December. However, many countries and cultures have now jumped in on the fun with their own traditions. We’ve put together some of the more unusual ways the different nationalities celebrate…


A day in the life of an Australian Surf Lifesaver!

person_outline Alana Deghelli
May 12, 2017
timer 5 min read

There's nothing quite as iconic to Australia than the troops of red and gold scattered across the never ending coastline that makes up Australia. Considered the superheroes of Australia's golden beaches, making sure our safety is their number one priority, who else could we be chattin' about but, the Aussie Surf Lifesavers! We're hanging with some of these local legends to learn more about what it means to be a part of this awesome surf club culture and so they can solve a few beach mysteries we've always wanted to know!


The top 8 gap year travellers!

Nov 9, 2016
timer 3 min read

Just in the UK alone an adventurous 250,000 young travellers set off every single year for the gap year of a lifetime. They pack their bags and leave their former life behind to embrace new cultures, meet a whirlwind of new friends and give themselves the opportunity to experience life like they never have before. A time to take off, explore the world and leave the pressures and stresses of modern life at home.


The Lucky 20,000th Global Traveller!

person_outline Alana Deghelli
Aug 14, 2015
timer 2 min read

These days travel isn’t just a one week holiday that you saved all year for. People are making a lifestyle out of it. Packing their bags for the big smoke of London or the snow capped mountains of Canada, there are footprints being made all over the world and we could not be prouder of the tens of thousands of travellers that we have assisted so far in turning their travel dreams into reality!


The Cost Of Being Disruptive & Innovative At The Same Time

person_outline Jürgen Himmelmann
Jun 12, 2015
timer 8 min read

Dear reader,

I’m writing this from my office in London, after having just read a negative media piece about The Global Work & Travel Co.

Over the past year, I’ve had to sit and read a few whopping tales. I’ve read that we were insolvent, that our sales force lies, or that we’ve engaged in questionable business practices. Some of the stories are outright lies, some are gross exaggerations or out of context, and some are just plain and simply unfounded, unfair or wrong.