Working Holiday

Exploring Old Havana with Payton

person_outline Payton Redel Lyneham
Jun 25, 2020
timer 4 min read

One of the best things about a Global Work & Travel trip is your is your opportunity to discover everything AROUND where you're going on EPIC side trips.

Working Holiday

How Coronavirus affected our working holiday but we decided to stick it out in Canada!

May 20, 2020
timer 7 min read

We are two surviving GWAT travellers in the North, who have​ found sanctuary in the countryside during this grave time. Our names are Natalie and Shannon, we are from Perth, Australia. In early December 2019, we arrived in Vancouver for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime; and unforgettable it has been.

5 greatest lessons my gap year taught me

person_outline Sophie van Doorn
May 19, 2020
timer 6 min read
Exactly a week after finishing my final high school exam, I left my home in Melbourne for an adventure of a lifetime. It began with solo backpacking for two and a half months through almost all of South America. The beaches, the mountains, the rainforest, you name it. In order to replenish my now depleted bank account, I decided to go on Working Holiday in Canada with Global Work & Travel. I was 18, and I had a lot of the world to see.

Global Stories

Au Pairing in the UK during Coronavirus

person_outline Sarah Wong
May 13, 2020
timer 2 min read

Sarah W. arrived in London to start her Au Pair journey just before the world went crazy. She’s jumped on a bike and has been able to see London in a way that it will probably never be seen again.

Working Holiday

How to: Brewery Crawl in Vancouver with Max B.

person_outline Max Bowering
Apr 16, 2020
timer 3 min read

I was lucky enough to have a stop over in Vancouver, a city with a well renowned craft beer scene and plenty of delicious grub.

Global Stories

The life of a Global Au Pair 2 - UK Edition! Why you should go with Global.

person_outline Carla Bolton
Apr 2, 2020
timer 4 min read

Hello, I’m back for another round of sharing my travel experiences and how Global Work and Travel helped me achieve my dreams. 


An animal lovers guide to Costa Rica with Sabbah S.

person_outline Sabbah S.
Apr 1, 2020
timer 8 min read

Where to go and what to do to get the most out of your trip to Costa Rica!

Working Holiday

Stopped in our tracks! - A Canadian Rockies Adventure with Stefanie N.

person_outline Stefanie Newton
Apr 1, 2020
timer 4 min read

My boyfriend and I had somehow managed to score the same day off together, and we knew we had to make the most of it by exploring the outskirts of Revelstoke. We thought, what better way to explore Revy in the middle of our first snowy winter, than to strip off and dive into a natural hot spring? St. Leon’s Hot Spring to be precise. What could go wrong, right?

Why you should Teach English in Vietnam by Katie G.

person_outline Katie Gerasimidis
Mar 23, 2020
timer 4 min read

Hi! My name is Katie and I’m from the UK. I completed a law degree at Durham University in July 2019 and was certainly not ready to settle into a London office job. So, I researched opportunities for working abroad. A few google searches later and I got in touch with Global Work and Travel. One phone call and I was sold.