Who doesn’t head to Instagram to double tap away and daydream about what could be?! For those in desperate need of some new travel inspo, The Global Work & Travel Co. have got your back. We are blessed to be tagged in thousands of our Global Travellers’ snaps as they adventure all over the globe. - Over 11,000 now, actually.

We decided to pick out a bunch of our favourite accounts (and boy was that tough) for you guys to get your travel inspiration kick started. What a way to check out a tonne of new destinations and see a bunch of different adventures through their own eyes. In no particular order let's get to it...


📷 @bennlang

🎒 Working Holiday in Canada


Favourite thing about travelling:

Replacing your fear with desire of the unknown

This Global Traveller has got some skill! He’s a photographer and filmmaker by trade so it’s no surprise he’s got some serious talent behind the lens. If you want a feed filled with picturesque Whistler, especially the supreme greenery of the spring season going on right now - Ben’s your guy. He’s hands down one of the best travel photographers we’ve come across. Definitely never short of insta worthy views and surreal outdoor adventure shots, check his gram out here.


📷 @arielvanslet

🎒 Teach English in Thailand


Favourite thing about travelling:

Though setting off on adventures across the world isn't always easy to do on your own, it's what enables you to become the person you were always meant to be. It's shown me that I am, in fact, the strong, brave and independent woman people always perceived me to be. Travelling teaches you about the world, and about your role in it. I will never stop travelling and I will never stop learning.

Ariel makes us want to step up our travel game every single time she drops a new pic! Whether she’s snapping her adorable students in the classroom or off to another weekend away (usually stunning beachside backgrounds are involved) - she’s put a whole new perspective on what teaching in Thailand is really like. For light, love and laughs, follow Ariel on her adventure abroad today.


📷 @kianablackburn

🎒 Au Pair in the UK 

Favourite thing about travelling:

The unfamiliarity of the places and the people I come across. Discovering views that I could previously only see in pictures amazes me, and urges me to explore deeper and more thoroughly. The things I see and the experiences that follow are my favourite parts about travelling.

Au Pairing away in the UK - Kiana’s smiley face always seems to be off somewhere new! She gives solo travelling in style a new meaning and is always sampling the local cuisines on foodie adventures. Her feed is honestly enough to make almost anyone pack up and move to Europe. Give her a follow today and check out all the sites she’s ticked off her list.


📷 @kellysarena

🎒 Street Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation Volunteer Trip in Thailand

Favourite thing about travelling:

Exploring different cultures, working through language barriers allows amazing adventures and gives you a deep appreciation for simple things

Who’s got a soft spot for puppies?! We sure do! She’s a fresh face to our Global Traveller Tribe but Kelly is blowing up our feed with adorable snaps left, right and centre and we are absolutely lurvvvving it. When she’s not super busy creating amazing change with the Rescue Paws team in Thailand, she’s out discovering the lush surroundings in Hua Hin and exploring the vegan eats. For daily updates on our furry friends - follow Kelly today.


📷 c.h.l.o.e_20 

🎒 Au Pair in the UK

Favourite thing about travelling:

Life is short and the world is wide, enjoy every moment.

Global Traveller Chloe is another Aussie Au Pair living in glorious London! She’s giving us major account envy and she’s only halfway through her year of working and travelling! Chloe has spent the past year looking after two youngins and holidaying all around Europe including Italy, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria! As you can probably imagine, her Insta is loaded with snaps from all over the countryside check it out here.



📷 @gizelle_basiri 

🎒Teach English in Thailand


Favourite thing about travelling:

Immersing yourself in the culture of a country. Travelling shouldn't be a holiday for a couple weeks once a year. I have been blessed to experience here in Thailand, a full immersion in the Thai way of life. Getting out of my comfort zone, making amazing friends from around the world, learning a new language, and making memories of some of the most unique experiences of my life.

Last but certainly not least; we’ve got Global Traveller Gizelle. One look at her hilarious captions and pics filled with colour and culture and you’ll be fallin’ in love with Thailand all over again. Whether she’s chilling on a beach or exploring the dense jungle, she’s got an eye for capturing the great outdoors! She even started up a second account, dedicated solely to her travel adventures - follow Gizelle on her amazing Thai adventure here folks.

Who knows who will be starring on our next Global Travellers to Follow blog! Keep tagging away with #globalworkandtravel to find out if you’re one of the next Global Superstars on show! Head to our Instagram to take a look at all the adventures our Global Travellers have been tagging us in lately.

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