Hello, my name is Albeny Ramos, and I would like to share my new experiences in Ireland this year. Everything has been unique, from the continent to my interests and work. It's my first time learning about the differences between trains, buses, and trams in Europe. I've enjoyed walking through alleys and streets that I had only seen in movies. Visiting castles, such as Dublin Castle, has been truly inspiring. While strolling along the road, I stumbled upon three girls playing traditional Irish music, and that day I met my first friend from Uruguay. We also visited a beautiful church.

One day, I had a close encounter with a lion and tiger at the Dublin Zoo and shared the experience virtually with my friends. I also discovered a passion for gelato by trying new and delicious flavors. Additionally, I received my first free Nutella pancake on Pancake Day.

Moreover, it has been enjoyable to hear and practice a little Portuguese with the people around me. At Heuston station, I witnessed an outstanding little girl playing the piano like a professional. That day, I traveled to my workplace, which is in another county. At the station, I met two guys who happened to be my coworkers. Initially, I felt a bit shy to approach them, but I mustered the courage to do so, and it turned out well.

Working in a remote location was a new experience for me, and I felt relieved that I didn't feel uncomfortable despite my usual preference for the city. I've always been drawn to urban settings since I was a little girl. However, I was amazed by the enormous mountains, sheep scattered everywhere, and the breathtaking scenery in the countryside. Interacting with people from various nationalities, such as Italy, France, Bulgaria, Australia, Argentina, Poland, India, and more, has been incredibly interesting. Hearing so many languages spoken together brings me joy.

My role at work is completely new for me, and I initially felt quite nervous. I wanted to do my best. Learning the shortcuts to different places within the resort took some time, and in the beginning, I didn't perform well, which made me feel sad. But thankfully, I started to learn more as time went on. The other workers have been kind and willing to help, which made a significant difference.

Overall, my time in Ireland has been filled with wonderful and diverse experiences, and I'm grateful for each opportunity to learn and grow.

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