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Why a Working Holiday in Canada is Totally Worth It!

person_outline Maddison Smith
Sep 10, 2019
timer 3 min read

Well, how about at the beginning. If you’re considering taking this journey across the world in an unfamiliar country away from everything that’s comfortable and known, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve always wanted to travel, ever since being brought up in a small town in Australia. I’m 18 years old and I’m just beginning my many chapters of life.

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26 Epic Gap Year Ideas with a Twist

person_outline Sophie Grove
Jul 11, 2019
timer 45 min read

Everyone’s got a list of their own top things they want to tick off their list.

Travel Advice

22 Things You Definitely Want to Pack for Your Next Trip

person_outline Sophie Grove
Jul 2, 2019
timer 22 min read

If you're off on your next great adventure, make sure you save some space in your luggage for a few of these items. They're about to make travelling more enjoyable than ever!

Destination Reviews

Global Destination Reviews: The Best Places in Malaysia to Explore, Shop & Island Hop

person_outline Sophie Grove
Jun 27, 2019
timer 32 min read

Malaysia is one of Asia’s hidden gems. It’s home to satay, the tallest twin buildings in the world and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Global Stories

Insider South America Series, Chapter 11: Fiestas Patrias Festivities in Chile

Jun 18, 2019
timer 14 min read

If you’re eager to visit Chile, then we strongly recommend you base your trip around 14 - 19th September. Why, you ask? Fiestas Patrias, of course!

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6 Steps Towards The Perfect Gap Year!

person_outline Hannah Evans
Jun 11, 2019
timer 8 min read

You’ve been thinking about travelling for a hot minute - daydreaming about hopping on that plane and flying away on a new adventure.

Travel Advice

13 Airport Hacks Every Traveller Should Know

person_outline Sophie Grove
Jun 5, 2019
timer 10 min read

If you’re heading off abroad soon, check out our airport hacks that every traveller should know to make your next takeoff a piece of cake.

Insider South America Series, Chapter 10: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

May 28, 2019
timer 11 min read

Home to one of the most incredible sights in the world - the world's largest salt flat. Measuring at over 10,000 square kilometres, it's easy to see why so many travellers around the world come to visit this beauty every year. 

Travel Advice

6 Secrets To Make The Most Out of Your Trip

person_outline Rebecca Siggers
May 21, 2019
timer 7 min read

Spread your wings and expand your horizons! All the best things happen when you leave your bubble of comfort and explore beyond your home.