About me: My name is Diarna, I am 25 years old from Brisbane Australia. I am on a UK working Holiday with Global Work & Travel.

I was sitting at my desk in Brisbane Australia during another boring day at my 9 to 5 job and was daydreaming about living abroad. When considering where to go the UK stood out as it is English speaking and wouldn’t be too much of a culture shock. However it still has so much history and culture to offer as well as being close to Europe, making travel easy. The decision to stay for a working holiday for me was the best option. It allows you to stay for a longer period of time and really immerse yourself in the community, getting the proper British experience.

After Covid had started to settle down the idea of being able to move away became much more realistic, but where to start. After doing a bit of research the process seemed overwhelming with a lot to organise before departing. That's when I found Global Work and Travel and my decision was final. I handed in my resignation and began planning my journey with the help of my Trip Coordinator. After an easy and stress-free planning stage the day came for me to depart on November 6th 2022.

I flew out of Brisbane Airport and Landed in Heathrow London. I organised my prepaid uber to pick me up after landing and it took me to the hostel Global had arranged for the next few nights. My hostel was full of young like minded people, my new friends and I spent the initial days in London sightseeing. I attended the included pub crawl and used my Big Bus tours voucher to see more of this amazing city. I farwelled my new friends and headed to my new home in Milton Keynes where I would start work at a gastro pub. The people were lovely and helped me settle into my live-in accommodation. I was slightly nervous as I had never worked in hospitality before, but picked it up quickly and felt comfortable in the job and my new home.

Since then I have been using my days off to head to London or go on other adventures around the UK. There is truly so much to see and do. London itself has so much to offer and every time I visit I always see something new. Oxford, York, Durham, Peak District, Lake District, Holy Island, Edinburgh, Brighton, Guildford are all places in the UK I have visited so far and there are still so many more on my list. Also found super cheap flights for a night in Venice Italy and it was incredible. I recommend searching for flights for your days off but leaving the destination open and finding the best deals and a place you may have never thought to go!

So far my experience as a Globaller has been amazing and I am so excited to see what's still to come.

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