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Au Pairing in the UK during Coronavirus

person_outline Sarah Wong
May 13, 2020
timer 2 min read

Sarah W. arrived in London to start her Au Pair journey just before the world went crazy. She’s jumped on a bike and has been able to see London in a way that it will probably never be seen again.

Global Stories

The life of a Global Au Pair 2 - UK Edition! Why you should go with Global.

person_outline Carla Bolton
Apr 2, 2020
timer 4 min read

Hello, I’m back for another round of sharing my travel experiences and how Global Work and Travel helped me achieve my dreams. 

Global Stories

The Life of a Global Au Pair in the USA

person_outline Carla Bolton
Jan 29, 2019
timer 7 min read

For anyone who may not be familiar with the term Au Pair, its providing live-in childcare to a family abroad! 

Au Pair

The Everyday Life of An Au Pair in Paris

person_outline Keely Hamilton
Aug 2, 2018
timer 9 min read

If you love children and want to travel, working overseas as an Au Pair could be a perfect option for you. Hold your horses though, before you actually move abroad and start working as an Au Pair, you’ll want to do some research about what it’s like. You probably already have some ideas about what life will be like. Some of your ideas may be spot on, while others might need some tweaking! This is where Keely comes in! She’s a Global Au Pair from Australia currently living in Paris. And below is what her weekly routine looks like in her own words.

Travel Advice

The Complete Guide to Au Pairing Abroad

person_outline Sophie Grove
Apr 24, 2018
timer 21 min read

What better way to understand the life of an Au Pair than to see it through their eyes?! Our Global Au Pairs from Australia, Italy, France, Holland, America, the UK and Canada answer the most frequently asked questions, touch upon their own experiences and offer advice on what it’s like to live abroad with their host families.

Travel Advice

6 Things to Consider Before Becoming an Au Pair Abroad

person_outline Keely Hamilton
Apr 3, 2018
timer 14 min read

Most people have heard of a nanny, or someone who has looked after children, but not too often have they heard the term ‘au pair’. In a nutshell, an au pair is a young person (generally between 18-30 years old) who helps take care of children and does light chores around the house, generally overseas and for cultural exchange.

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What it's Like to Au Pair Abroad

person_outline Courtney Condren
Dec 14, 2016
timer 4 min read

The world is a big place and trust us, you want to see it! There are so many places to go, things to do, and ways to do it all, that choosing the right path for you might seem a tiny bit intimidating.  Some people decide to save up, jump off and travel until their pockets are empty. Some study abroad. Some teach, but, there’s another possibility that not many people know about. That is, going abroad as an au pair.  You’ll get to travel, make a little money, get to know the locals, and explore the world in a whole new way.  Interested?