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5 Incredible Gap Year Ideas That Won’t Leave You Broke

person_outline Sophie Grove
Oct 25, 2018
timer 15 min read

The gap year. Commonly known as the blissful year taken off between school and uni, or uni and full-time work, or more commonly now for people just looking for a change of pace.

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6 Types of Immersive Experiences You Can Do Around The World

person_outline Tommy Walker
Oct 15, 2018
timer 8 min read

In a time where travel has become magnified, some of you may be looking to do something different. With crowds getting bigger and bigger, social media becoming overloaded with selfies and prices for major attractions rising, immersive experiences might be just what you’re looking for.

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The Ultimate Foodie Bucket List: 22 Must-Eat Foods From Around the World

person_outline Alana Deghelli
Oct 11, 2018
timer 14 min read

Travel & food. Two of the best things in the world and you can do them both at once. We have the perfect list of world eats for the wandering foodies out there to tick off on your next adventure

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Top 10 Cultural Festivals Around the World

person_outline Sophie Grove
Sep 27, 2018
timer 21 min read

The world is a melting pot of different cultures and customs, so if you’re looking for a way to get the ultimate insider experience and immerse yourself in a different way of life overseas, we might have just found the ultimate way in.

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Travel Apps We Can’t Live Without

person_outline Sophie Grove
Sep 10, 2018
timer 8 min read

While on the road, one of your most precious possessions is going to be your phone.

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The 5 Cheapest Countries in the World For You to Explore

person_outline Michael Gregory
Aug 9, 2018
timer 10 min read

When travelling we often moan about how expensive things are when visiting popular tourist spots. 

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A Local's Guide To Byron Bay

person_outline Cal Bailey
Aug 6, 2018
timer 6 min read

If you don’t yet adore Byron Bay, one thing is for sure: you soon will. A trip to this magical Australian coastal town could be just the thing if you’re into reinvigoration, exploration and relaxation. Byron Bay is a gem on the northern coast of New South Wales; it is a dreamy, sun-soaked town flanked by various natural wonders and blessed with an awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset each day.

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12 Must See Music Festivals Around the World

person_outline Sophie Grove
Jul 2, 2018
timer 35 min read

The psychedelic 60’s will forever be remembered as the era of Woodstock - the first model of a major music festival. But we’ve come a long way since then, with a festival for just about everyone.

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18 Best Places to Travel This Year

person_outline Sophie Grove
Jun 11, 2018
timer 28 min read

It’s time to get some new travel dreams. If you are after some inspiration, you’re in luck. We’ve put together our top places to be and to see in 2018!