Working Holiday

Australia, Farm Work and Me.

person_outline Jodie Johnstone
Jan 20, 2020
timer 4 min read

Global Traveller Jodie. J reveals her farm work experience whilst on her working holiday in Australia to get her second year visa. 


My Unforgettable Volunteering Experience in Nepal

person_outline Olivia Murphy
Jan 14, 2020
timer 4 min read

Olivia M. recounts her unforgettable volunteering trip to Nepal on our Namaste Nepal trip. She's promised the students she taught that she’d come back to teach again next year, and she intends to keep that promise.

Working Holiday

Getting ski-season ready by Global Traveller Celeste

person_outline Celeste McDermott Healey
Jan 10, 2020
timer 12 min read

Coming from Australia, the Canadian snow is out of this world… and that’s not just because there’s so much of it! It’s fluffy, blindingly white and perfectly powdered – both on and off the slopes – and the first time we had snow here truly did feel like something out of a snow-globe.

Global Stories

Insider South America Series, Chapter 12: La Paz, Bolivia - The Crazy City

Oct 17, 2019
timer 22 min read

Welcome to the highest city in the world and prepare yourself for the serious altitude. When Ethan was asked what it was like smoking there, his response was “Well, you can't do it and walk at the same time”...

Global Stories

Jessica’s 3 Favourite Things About Being an Au Pair in the UK

person_outline Jessica Anthony
Oct 9, 2019
timer 3 min read

Hey! My name is Jessica, I’m 19 years old and from Sydney, Australia. I’m currently on the trip of a lifetime, working and living in London as an au pair.

Global Stories

Why a Working Holiday in Canada is Totally Worth It!

person_outline Maddison Smith
Sep 10, 2019
timer 3 min read

Well, how about at the beginning. If you’re considering taking this journey across the world in an unfamiliar country away from everything that’s comfortable and known, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve always wanted to travel, ever since being brought up in a small town in Australia. I’m 18 years old and I’m just beginning my many chapters of life.

Global Stories

Insider South America Series, Chapter 11: Fiestas Patrias Festivities in Chile

Jun 18, 2019
timer 14 min read

If you’re eager to visit Chile, then we strongly recommend you base your trip around 14 - 19th September. Why, you ask? Fiestas Patrias, of course!

Global Stories

Insider South America Series, Chapter 9: Sucre, Bolivia

May 14, 2019
timer 14 min read

The next destination we visited in Bolivia was the constitutional capital, Sucre. The reason we went to Sucre, to begin with, was that it is also the unofficial travellers capital in South America for learning Spanish.

Global Stories

Insider South America Series, Chapter 8: What to Do in Salta, Argentina

Apr 30, 2019
timer 13 min read

Salta, la Linda. The nickname of our next destination translates to “Salta, the beautiful”. After staying here for a few days, it was easy to see why! A charming city in the north of Argentina, and sadly our last port in this beautiful nation, was really a hidden gem.