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Aug 8, 2017

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Picture this... Lions roaring, elephants stomping around and cheetahs lurking in the grass. A volunteer trip to Africa will be loaded with pinch-yourself-moments just like this. You’ll constantly believe you’re living a real life David Attenborough special. With prolific wildlife, iconic landscapes and 30 million km of wild lands - you’re bound to have a-frican good time all over. But if you’re still not convinced, here’s a few more reasons why you should seriously consider it.

Volunteer_Africa_7.jpg(Exhibit A: It looks like it’s straight out of a glossy National Geographic mag every direction you turn!)

Living Locally Vs. Visiting

Living here is completely different to visiting. Sure, you could shuffle from landmark to landmark as a tourist... but as a volunteer on the oldest continent on the planet, you can expect to be transported to an entirely new world of living! Sure, you're swapping exxy hotels for authentic share accommodation living, but what better way to experience authentic African culture in all its glory? Live within a community, get friendly with the locals and mingle with like-minded volunteers and project staff. Volunteering trips often work out to be waaay cheaper than the usual tourist trek too because you’re given the opportunity to live, sleep, eat and adventure in Africa the local way!

Volunteer_Africa_6.jpg(These aren’t the friendly locals I was talking about, but you’ll see plenty of these majestic beauties hanging around too)

It’s Animal Heaven

It may be the world’s hottest continent as its deserts sweep more than half the landmass, but it’s still rampant with creatures of all shapes and sizes! Sure you could check out the Big 5 on Safari… but what if you could actually work alongside them everyday?! Get all the hands-on experience you could dream of with volunteering trips dedicated solely to monitoring, conserving or protecting some of the most famous animals on the planet. Waking up daily to lions roaring and monkeys playing on the rooftops, you’ll be in paradise. Keep an eye out for those hippos though, they are known to kill more than crocs and lions combined!

Volunteer_Africa1.jpeg(You can make a difference and work with one of the world’s most peaceful and cheeky giants!)

You Can Create a Better Future for Africa

Doing a good deed always makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, right? It could be giving some spare change to the homeless or helping an old lady cross the road. But it always feels good to give a little back. What if you change not just somebody’s day, but their life? Africa is made up of a whopping 54 countries and it’s home to over one billion people. Every single community on this vast continent is in a different stage of development - so there are endless opportunities to help out those in need. No matter what program tugs at your humanitarian heart strings - you’ll be making a difference here. Whatever you choose, whether it's volunteering in community development, the environment or conserving the wildlife - leave knowing you've made an improvement and a genuine difference to the future of Africa.

Volunteer_Africa5-1.jpg(Imagine how good you’ll feel after helping some of these smiling little faces!)

Become Part of a Community

So, now we’ve covered the lush landscape and the pure gorgeousness of it all, what about the people?! Volunteering in Africa affords the opportunity to discover amazing diversity and rich culture all over. The local communities are so grateful for volunteers, they’ll often welcome you into their homes for meals and have you feeling welcome in no time. While contributing to practical and sustainable projects in vulnerable and struggling communities, you’ll become part of your own extended fam! No matter what you love, you can find a way to do it here. Whilst you get amongst the friendliest and most vibrant people you will ever come across. You will definitely find your tribe here.

Volunteer_Africa10.jpg(Find your herd on a Volunteering trip to Africa.)

Professional Skill Development

You’d be surprised to learn just how impressive volunteering abroad can look on one’s CV. Along with a wealth of new technical skills and confidence - your future boss will thank you later for all the soft skills you learn abroad too. You’ll bring home a new found love for the life you sometimes may take for granted. You will mature further, learn an independence you hadn’t experienced before, improve your social & networking skills and greatly improve your global cultural understanding and appreciation, to name just a few. Throw in some Swahili and some lifelong bonds with humans and animals alike and you’ve got yourself one life changing epic adventure!

Volunteer_Africa2.jpg(Who is down for a camel ride in their spare time?!)

With plenty of nature, community and wildlife volunteering trips on offer across this wild continent, there is a passion project fit for everyone! All you need to do is click that little button to get on your way to helping change this world for the better, and we’re here ready to do it with you…

Take me to Africa!

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