If you're off on your next great adventure, make sure you save some space in your luggage for a few of these items. They're about to make travelling more enjoyable than ever!

In-flight essentials

1. Smart device of any kind that plays music

Because until teleporting becomes a real thing, we have a few long journeys ahead to get us to where we’re going. Nothing gets you through better than some of your favourite beats, flicks and shows. Here are some binge-worthy watches for your next flight.

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2. Something to keep you comfy in the air

Those seats are just not made for comfort so one of these dorky U shaped travel pillows is perfect for those long adventures. Or if you’re on the ‘neck-pillows-are-so-last-year’ train, grab yourself an inflatable travel hoodie pillow instead. Simply inflate, throw on the hood and pull the drawstrings to zone out for an hour... or ten.

3. Something to keep your stuff together  

This may seem like a chick thing to do but even guys need to get on board with this one. Keep your passports, tickets, insurance and other important documents all in one place and never lose or scramble around for them again with a travel wallet

Our pick is this stitch wallet so you can cross out where you’ve been as you go, but when you're travelling with Global, we'll send you your very own before you go anyway!

4. Something to keep you hydrated

Dehydration levels work their way up pretty rapidly when you’re sky high so make sure you have some water on you for the majority of the flight. Grab a collapsible water bottle and just make sure it’s empty when you’re going through security and fill it up on the other side. 

5. Something to keep your breath fresh

The person next to you will thank you for these minty little lollipops. Toothettes are the way to brush your teeth on the go and the added bonus is that you don’t even need water to keep your mouth clean and minty fresh. 

6. Something to keep you from getting the sniffles

It may not be the most ‘must have’ item but tissues are great to have on hand for many different reasons. Got the sniffles? Maybe you’ve had a food mishap? They can even double as toilet paper if you find yourself in a bit of a T.P free situation. God forbid. 

Luggage essentials

7. Something to make it stand out

Why? Because there’s nothing worse than realising that ¾ of the people who just got off the same flight have the exact same black suitcase. Grab some handle wraps so you never have to second-guess if your bag is actually yours again. Then again, nothing says "that's my bag" like one with your own face on it. Our Global Bag Tags do the trick as well, and all our travellers get one of these! 


8. Something to keep it secure

What’s one thing that can make any traveller’s blood run cold? Lost luggage. These Bluetooth-enabled bad boys allow you to locate the last place you had it and track it down on a map should you lose it. Simply tuck a Tile Mate or a Trakdot in your suitcase for peace of mind. 

9. Something to keep it organised

In our pre-packing cube life, it seemed pretty silly to buy pouches to pack your clothes in, before packing them into a suitcase. But we’ve since found out that you can reach Marie Kondo–level organisation with the super simple idea of packing cubes. Free up space for other gear!

10. Something to keep it light 

There’s nothing worse than getting hit with an exxy charge at the check-in counter because your bag is way over. These digital luggage scales are tiny, lightweight and can save you big time when you forget to weigh your luggage. 

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11. Something to keep you ironed

Sure the trusty hot shower method will always work, but save yourself the hassle and grab a reliable mini travel sized iron to ensure you’re never creased again. It heats up in seconds and is about a third of the size (and price!) of a regular iron. 

12. Something to keep your undies washed

Whether you are planning to trek in Nepal, or backpack through Europe - you can arrive fully equipped for clothes washing with a pocket-sized Scrubba Wash Bag. It will not only help you do your laundry anywhere but you will save you from having to scour for a laundromat every time you get desperate for fresh undies.

Tech Goodies

13. Something to document your travels with

Planning to shred away the winter season in Canada? Perhaps a Teach trip in Thailand? From snowboarding to scuba diving, you can document every minute of your adventures and bring them home for show and tell with you with a GoPro. 

14. Something to snap happy with

If you don’t want to splash tons of cash on a fancy camera, grab a clip-on camera lens. You’d swear it turns any iPhone, Android or Google phone camera owner into a professional travel photographer. It’s super lightweight too so there’s no reason to ever leave home without it. 

15. Something to selfie with

Let’s be real, full-sized tripods are a pain in the bum to travel with. Grab a small, lightweight and flexible travel tripod so you can carry it easily and twist and bend it however you need. Available for regular cameras or for smartphones.

16. Something to keep you charged up

Grab a portable charger so that your device doesn’t die in the middle of that critical GOT episode you downloaded especially for this flight! They’re also particularly important for those travelling off the beaten track, where power sockets might be more of a luxury than an everyday item. 

17. Something to keep you plugged in

If you have anything with a plug on the end of it, it is going to need an adaptor to make sure it can actually fit into the wall overseas. Everywhere has different sockets so grabbing a universal adapter is ideal so that you can fit in practically everywhere in the world.

Organisation Station

18. Something to keep you dry

Sunny skies are not always a reality when you’re on vacay and an umbrella can be one trusty companion just in case the skies open up. Grab one that’s compact enough to easily fold up and fit into small spaces. 

19. Something else to keep you dry

Even if you're staying in a posh 5-star resort, chances are you still have to take your own towel on excursions. Instead of shoving a chunky hotel towel in your day pack, grab a microfibre one for those days instead; they are super quick drying and odour resistant - which are both pluses for your baggage.

20. Something to help when you're in need

What do we love more than a 2-in-1 multi-tool? A 13-in-1. The Victorinox Swiss Card Lite comes with everything from a blade, scissors, screwdrivers, a pin, pen, ruler, tweezers to a magnifying glass and even a flashlight. Making this the perfect portable credit card sized multi-tool to Bear-Grylls-it-up.

21. Something for all kinds of emergencies

These little Minimergency pouches are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but contain 17 items to get you through in a pinch. Think along the lines of deodorant towelettes, breath freshener, pain relievers and so much more.

22. Something for when you can't find a laundry

Pack some instant undies in your carry-on. They're often about the size of a large pill, but when exposed to water they expand into a fresh pair of knickers. 

So, now you’ve got the perfect list for anywhere you go in the world. Get packing and enjoy your next adventure! Don't have an adventure yet? Click the button below and let's get you there already!

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