Spread your wings and expand your horizons! All the best things happen when you leave your bubble of comfort and explore beyond your home. 

Sure, travelling can come with a few anxieties that could deflate your adventurous spirit. Staying safe and comfortable while you’re at it is super important. But, you need to remember there’s a reason why you put everything down and took off in the first place. Here are common challenges travellers face and some measures you can take to keep your worries at bay and make sure your journey is as amazing and safe as possible.



1. Plan Your Trip

It’s pretty obvious, but before you decide to visit five countries in 10 days, make sure you don't miss all the fun times that come when you slow down your pace to explore. So many things never make it to the guidebooks and you only find out about them through the art of exploring! Spend more time in fewer places and soak it all up.

2. Become an Early Riser

The early bird gets the worm! Set that alarm clock an hour earlier and head to your favourite tourist spots before the crowd catches on. Imagine the Instagram opportunity with the soft morning light peeking through! The best photos are snapped when it's just you, the camera and the attraction. Before you set out, double check what time will not put you and your travel companions in danger.

3. Be Vigilant and Observant

Get your senses tingling. The best way to truly connect to a place is to observe what's going on around you. Take a walk in the city gardens or sit on a bench in a busy street and watch how people go about their daily life. If the by-laws allow, set up a picnic with your favourite bottle of red and slow down your train of thoughts as you notice the sounds, smells and environment around you.

4. Laugh with or at yourself

Let your freak flag fly! Let go of any insecurities and simply live in the moment. Life is never that serious, so relax and enjoy your company. Engage with people who you want to share funny memories with.

5. Become a Volunteer Abroad

Make it a point to give some time to a cause that's dear to your heart. To volunteer is a self-rewarding experience and opens up opportunities to learn about the different places you visit.

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6. Practice Some Patience

When you are out to have fun, there's no need to sweat it over the small stuff, especially over things you can't control. If you've ever heard the ol' saying 'life is too short' then you know what we mean by there's no point stressing over things that are beyond your control.


Whether you are alone or travelling with your friends, all these tips will give peace of mind and allow you to entirely focus on the joy and excitement that comes with travelling. You got this!

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