It’s already December, which means the holiday season is about to drop and end with another NYE celebration to remember... or not so much. 

Whether you’re planning a wild night out with all your friends, a romantic night for two, or some sort of adventure that falls in between take a look at these epic NYE destinations and traditions to spark your imagination, and that burning desire to travel! 

We all know that you’ve seen what’s happening in London, New York, and Sydney each year, so come for a walk on the wild side and check out these more unusual but totally worthwhile NYE spots.


If fireworks are your thing, NYE in Dubai is a must. It should come as no surprise that the United Arab Emirates take there New Year's Eve firework celebrations very seriously. 

They smashed the 2014 Guinness World Record for the largest display ever, tragically lost it to the Philippines in 2016, and then set a brand new Guinness World Record in 2018 for the largest aerial firework shell with a history-making performance. Grab a blanket and camp out for the show.


If you want to spice up your NYE with a new tradition, head to Denmark. On top of your plain-jane typical festivities, Danes have a pretty unique way to show their love for friends and family. NYE is the time for throwing old plates and glasses at the front doors of your nearest and dearest.

It’s believed that the more broken china you find at your front door, the more friends you’ll have in the year to come. If you’re looking for extra good luck, try another tradition by standing on top of a chair and jumping off at midnight - it symbolising leaping into the new year. 


'Hogmanay' is the Scottish word for the celebration of the New Year.

In Scotland, the New Year is marked with presents, visiting friends and family, and in Edinburgh, Hogmanay Festival. Hogmanay is the perfect chance for you to get your culture on.

This three-day New Year festival is full of incredible music, art, theatre, and of course, a fireworks display. Events range from torch-lit processions to concerts by some of music’s biggest names to the burning of a life-size viking longship. No matter what you’re looking for, Hogmanay will not disappoint.


Head to Rio for a mix of festivity, partying, and tradition. You’ll find more than enough excitement in the clubs and street parties that pop up on NYE.

But, if you’re looking for something a little different, take a break and head down to the water. You’ll find locals and tourists alike crowding the shores, offering gifts of flowers and trinkets to the water, watching as they are carried out to sea.

The offerings are for lemanja, the goddess of water, and if they don’t come back to shore, it means a good and bountiful year to come. Oh, and don’t forget to wear white!


Hong Kong comes alive for NYE, when every neighbourhood turns out to party.  Watch the light shows over Victoria Harbour, see Hong Kong’s Times Square ball drop, and watch the countdown on the Two International Finance Centre’s digital clock.  Still want more?  Head to the Great Gatsby New Years Eve party at OZONE for some upscale glitz and glamour, or dance the night away to some great beats under the stars at The Vibe.


Make your way to Paris for an upscale and classy New Years Eve. Celebrate like the French by eating a leisurely gourmet dinner at one of the amazing restaurants on offer, and following it up with a little more excitement by joining the crowds on Champs-Élysées.

Don’t forget to grab a bottle of Champagne as you join the other revellers on the streets for some amazing firework watching across the city. If you’ve got the energy left, which we are sure you will, head into Montmartre for a lively cabaret show.


If you can’t get away during the end of year holiday season, head to Bali in March and have a delayed celebration there instead.

The New Year celebrations kick off at the end of the summer season, the last for five days with parades and temple celebrations. The third day is known as Nyepi, meaning “to keep silent.” It is marked by a 12-hour dedicated silence and meditation. After the 12 hours are up, the festivities continue, and it’s party time again!


China follows the Lunar calendar, so you can extend your NYE celebrations way beyond January 1st.  Head to China in late January-early February and experience the New Year like never before.  Chinese New Year is full of traditions, such as lighting firecrackers in the street, eating more dumplings than you ever thought possible, drinking the local liquor called baijiu, and watching as the night sky is filled with glowing paper lanterns.

We hope you're ready to welcome in the new year no matter where you are and if you're looking for that first step to a fresh and exotic location then we are ready to get you where you want to be!

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