This city needs no major introduction. Even if you have never been lucky enough to explore this place, there is a very high chance you have heard of it and its bustling charm that everybody falls in love with.

From royalty, palaces, big red buses, underground cities, furry hat soldiers and minding the gap there is just no other place on earth like London!


London is one of those cities that entertains you without even trying. Turn around one corner you have the Queen’s crib (if you’re lucky the actual Queen may drive past you).

You could accidentally jump off the train also known as the “tube” and find yourself standing beneath Big Ben or stumble upon a secret bar because you got a little lost.

This place is insae. It has life, lights and fun everywhere!

Tourist stuff in a day...

It's easy to get your tourist on as soon as you are ready for a full day of explorations. Make sure you have some comfy shoes on because the best way to see London is by foot!

Check out Time Out London for all the best free walking tours or follow the Jubilee Walkways around the city. You can follow the little circle stamps on the ground that say Jubilee Walkway, have a drawing of a crown and point in the direction you need to walk! Too easy. 


Big Ben ⏰

Start your walk in Westminster Station, once you exit the station, the famous bell inside the Queen Elizabeth II Tower, Big Ben is literally just there in front of you! Look up.

It’s only accessible by invitation. One of the easiest ways to grab yourself an invitation (you have to be currently situated in the UK, soz!) is to ask your local MP for an invite. They will put your name forward and will issue you some free tickets for a tour.  Find out who your local MP is here.

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 London Eye  👀

It’s about 21 pounds to get the 30 minute view of the city just make sure you get your ticket in advance so you avoid a hectically long line on the day!



Here is the place where royals celebrate weddings, accomplishments, sad passings and is filled with amazing history from its 926 years on earth. (You’ll never complain about being old again that’s for sure!)

Queen Elizabeth’s official London home. Way bigger than your average two bedroom palace...oops we meant place! You can usually go for a tour throughout the 775 rooms in the warmer months and will cost you about 20 pounds.

It’s a pretty bridge and you will want to see it, get some selfies and walk over it! It is right around the corner from your next stop too!Tower_Bridge.jpg

The tower of London is the Queen’s official fortress! It’s basically a super cool castle sitting on the River Thames and carries on the historically old theme with its 1000th birthday coming up any year now!

Chill things to do...

London already has a population of about 8.6 million people, add some tourists in and it can get a little overwhelming bustling around the tourist hot spots after a day or two! So to make sure everyone has some downtime in between these are our top picks for the perfect chill day.

The perfect place for a long cruisy bike ride which you can rent on site for the day! Maybe you want to set up near the lake and feed some friendly ducks, go for a long peaceful stroll or have an afternoon beverage with some friends. 

It's a bit out of central London but worth the ride when you get to see some of the Tennis greats play a game or two. Plus Wimbledon itself has some nice little bars and cafes to head to after!

Green park 🌿

Another park, but this one has Buck House on the side! In summer you can even grab some deck chairs for some well deserved sunshine & tan time. 

Buying things...

Being one of the biggest cities on earth you can imagine the goodies that are on offer here. From major department stores to locally hand made items, make sure you leave some space in your luggage for the journey home!



You can find pretty much any store you have ever loved on these two streets and without realising it get the absolute best workout from doing laps up and down. Win, Win!


A super cool area Camden has been home to legends such as Amy Winehouse & Russell Brand. It is also famous for its markets filled with food, vinyls and vintage clothing. Also the best and cheapest spot for souvenir purchasing!


Yum! That is all you need to know. The oldest food market in London also happens to be one of the world's finest. It dates back to at least the 12th century - can you imagine seeing the likes of William Shakespeare & Winston Churchill picking up their groceries throughout history? You can find so many amazing foods to try and sip on some bubbly as you walk around!

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It is for those with heavier wallets but also fun to explore even if you don't have a tonne of money to splurge. Harrods is an icon of London, and you will definitely enjoy it.


Of course, this is just the surface; we haven't even mentioned the food. It's safe to say that there are delicious treats all around you from French Patisseries, traditional pubs and Brick Lane - the edgy & artistic side of London town where there is a constant stream of delicious smells from exotic spicy food! 

Then there are the Broadway musicals like Wicked, The Lion King and Billy Elliot. 

The endless stream of pubs, clubs and cocktail bars. 

It would take a lifetime to see it all but even if you don't get to explore every inch it is still going to be a trip to remember and a place you will continue to come back to!

Oh London, there is just no other place quite like you darling! Want to explore the big smoke? Click the blue button below so we can whisk you away already.

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