First lesson, it’s pronounced Ibitha, not Ibiza.

Is the Ibiza lifestyle calling your name? Yeah, we can hear it too. As amazing as partying the night away sounds, we’re here to help make that dream achievable and realistic. That’s why we’ve launched a brand new Teach trip to the party centre of the world, so you can fund your new life while working as an English teacher.

How do you get started exactly? Let us break it down for you step by step.


Back to school! For you.

First off, to begin your teaching career, you must start off as a student. You’ll find a lot of certificate acronyms thrown at you, like TESOL, TEFL and TESL, but the only one you need to know about is TEFL. The acronym stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and is a required certification for people wanting to teach English in a country where English is not the primary language.

This certification is included as part of your trip, and will be the sole focus for your first 4 weeks after you arrive in Ibiza. There’s no need to stress about finding a place to stay or getting lost on your first day, because we’ll pick you up from the airport and take you straight to your shared accommodation near your training school. Easy done.

Want to start making friends straight away? A welcome orientation will also be organised for you so you can meet other travellers and have someone to explore with! Not to mention a picnic lunch on the beach, Paella cooking classes and other cultural activities we’ve set up for you.  


The student becomes the teacher.

Once you’ve successfully completed your TEFL certification, that’s when the real party begins. We'll arrange a job interview for you with a local partner language school, help you with your resume and prepare you for your interview. If your new work doesn’t already provide you with accommodation, our in-country partners will help find a home sweet home for you.


Help is always a call away.

Other essentials like visas, Spanish Resident Card (TIE), bank accounts and every other boring but important stuff that stresses you out, you guessed it, we can help with that. Being a Global Traveller means the only thing you need to stress about is choosing a beach, club or restaurant to visit while you’re living that Ibiza life.

Want to arrive just in time for summer? Now’s the time to book so you don’t miss out on getting a gorgeous tan under the Spanish sun!

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