Hi, my name is Bianca I am 22 and from Melbourne, Australia. In March of 2022, I made the big decision with the help of Global Work and Travel and moved overseas to the UK.

This turned out to be the best decision I have ever made in my life. Not only do I feel I have grown so much as a person, but I have made lifelong friends and memories.

Travelling to a different country alone really forces you to open up and be more of an outgoing person. Previously I have been a very shy and introverted person, but since moving to the UK I have become so much more of an extroverted person. I am now so much more talkative and an open person to the point people don’t believe me when I tell them I was shy! As a result, I found myself making so many new friends and memories which I will never forget.

Fortunately, I lived with three other Australians so I always had a reminder of home when hearing their accents. As for the rest of my friends, I made a few through the job I had gotten at a pub in Oxford, England. We got to attend multiple work celebrations, have plenty of nights out and travel all together.

Given our workplace/home had a large garden out the back we spent countless nights on the picnic tables with everyone playing football and having plenty of drinks. We had some sad goodbyes as some members moved on from the workplace and every now and then our manager would join us. We were all a big family.

One of my favourite memories comes from ‘Peachfest’. This was a yearly event where all of the pubs under the franchise in England would meet in a field with a large tent and celebrate all the hard work and efforts from everyone. Of course, a theme was needed for this event, so each pub would have to dress up. To my surprise, the managers and staff had agreed to dress up as nuns and committed to the theme. This turned out to be a hilarious event as seeing everyone dress up as nuns (including our chefs) was something I will never forget.

Another favourite memory was dragging most of the crew to Oktoberfest. While previously I haven’t been a big fan of beer, Oktoberfest really changed my mind, having all drunk stein after stein of really good german beers. We all go into the spirit and dressed up in the appropriate clothing, and spent our days at the Stoketoberfest campsite. They provided the drinks and some excellent music as well as the tents where we camped each night. One quite unfortunate mistake we did make was not thinking about how cold Germany actually gets in late September, so on the first night we completely froze!

These were only a fraction of the amazing memories I have made while travelling. The rest of my travels did make for some amazing photos that will forever be on my Instagram @biancasinkovic.

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