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Am I teaching in Vietnam? Or is Vietnam teaching me?

person_outline Jordan Harkin
Mar 4, 2020
timer 4 min read

My name is Jordan Harkin. I am just an average guy from a small village in West Yorkshire and in 2019 I decided that I would finish off my year by jetting off to Vietnam for a year to teach English. I’m not sure why I made this seemingly crazy decision, but I’m glad that I did and, in this blog, I would like to share a short story of my time in Vietnam.

Travel Advice

How to find love (at least for the night) while travelling

person_outline Ben Parnham
Feb 10, 2020
timer 25 min read

We’ve all thought about it. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John sang about it in the ’70s. That summer lovin’, that whirlwind romance, getting swept off your feet by a beautiful foreigner with a sexy accent. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. Who knows, you could even fall in love, get hitched and claim yourself that super coveted second passport. Not to mention having the most amazing “well how did you guys meet?” story.

Working Holiday

Why packing a bag and just going is the best decision you’ll ever make

person_outline Petra Poutanen
Jan 30, 2020
timer 2 min read

Take the plunge and go on that Working Holiday!

Working Holiday

Australia, Farm Work and Me.

person_outline Jodie Johnstone
Jan 20, 2020
timer 4 min read

Global Traveller Jodie. J reveals her farm work experience whilst on her working holiday in Australia to get her second year visa. 


My Unforgettable Volunteering Experience in Nepal

person_outline Olivia Murphy
Jan 14, 2020
timer 4 min read

Olivia M. recounts her unforgettable volunteering trip to Nepal on our Namaste Nepal trip. She's promised the students she taught that she’d come back to teach again next year, and she intends to keep that promise.

Working Holiday

Getting ski-season ready by Global Traveller Celeste

person_outline Celeste McDermott Healey
Jan 10, 2020
timer 12 min read

Coming from Australia, the Canadian snow is out of this world… and that’s not just because there’s so much of it! It’s fluffy, blindingly white and perfectly powdered – both on and off the slopes – and the first time we had snow here truly did feel like something out of a snow-globe.

Travel Advice

10 best ways to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

person_outline Ben Parnham
Dec 18, 2019
timer 8 min read

We start the year so optimistic and full of hope. This year we’re going to conquer the world, kick those goals and live our best lives. But then only 20% of New Year’s resolutions are actually achieved. We want you to be your best self and get it done!

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Our 10 best places to spend New Year’s Eve next year!

person_outline Ben Parnham
Dec 17, 2019
timer 35 min read

There’s magic around New Year’s Eve. World-renowned as THE night of the year, New Year’s Eve is that night where we reflect on the year that was and revel in the year that will be. But it’s also the climactic end to the silly season. Santa is back in the North Pole, you’ve drank for a month straight at Christmas Parties and Michael Buble is back in the freezer.

Global Stories

Insider South America Series, Chapter 12: La Paz, Bolivia - The Crazy City

Oct 17, 2019
timer 22 min read

Welcome to the highest city in the world and prepare yourself for the serious altitude. When Ethan was asked what it was like smoking there, his response was “Well, you can't do it and walk at the same time”...