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Nov 18, 2016

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What do you think of when you hear ‘Peru’?  Do you think gorgeous, warm weather all year round? How about swimming with pink dolphins in the Amazon River?  Can you see yourself hiking in the Andes Mountains, surrounded by llamas?  Do you imagine yourself climbing to the top of Machu Picchu and making everyone you know jealous?  If you don’t, you should, because Peru has got it all.


What if you could experience Peru whilst becoming a certified teacher?  Four weeks of fast-paced TEFL training in the stunning beachside town of Zorritos, with a guaranteed job at the end?  Yes please. It’s intense. It’s thrilling. It’s fast paced. It is an experience that will change your world.  Zorritos is a small town that's friendly, walkable, and it will give you a taste of the real Peru, all while you're training to become a teacher. Win! Living in Zorritos you’ll get to enjoy deliciously fresh (and cheap!) seafood while you mingle with the locals. When you’re not in class, relax at the thermal baths. Feeling more adventurous? Take a day tour to see local wildlife in the jungles of Cerros de Amotope, or check out the islands and estuaries of Puerto Pizarro.  When you’re not exploring, you’ll be studying by the beach. Welcome to the good life.books-918521_1920.jpg

Small classes give you a personal experience as you complete the course with a TEFL teacher giving you feedback the whole way through.  And if you’re thinking of a dodgy classroom with a boring teacher, stop right now.  Classes are held at the same place as accommodation: the beach.  Wake up in your private room, enjoy a complimentary breakfast by the ocean, and then head to class. And don’t worry...there’s free Wi-Fi so you can hashtag, snap, tweet, like, comment, pin, tumble and show the world how good Peru life is shaping up to be!

You’ll have 120 hours of training, covering everything from lesson planning to classroom management.  You’ll have classes from 9:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday, but weekends are free to explore. Machu Picchu anyone?  

machu-picchu-1569324_1280.jpgCan you imagine standing in front of class, ready to put all your hard work to the test?  You won’t have to wait long, 10 of those 120 training hours are going to be teaching practice with local students, giving you a chance to show off your skills.  For the overachievers out there, take advantage of the ten additional certificates, such as teaching business English or English for young learners, at no cost except to your tan.

children-1633901_1920.jpgWhat happens when you’re through? You might have to leave the beach, but don’t worry...you won’t be left to wander Peru alone with a piece of paper and your newly made llama friends.  Resume writing, interviewing, and a job placement are all part of the package. Imagine yourself in the cultural hub of Cuzco, enjoying the hustle and bustle of Peru’s capital, Lima, or experiencing the nature of the Amazon Rainforest while you teach in Iquitos. The possibilities are endless once you finish your course and head off to a paid position in one of Peru’s amazing cities.  

Peru is full of vibrant culture, history, language, food, and of course those curly haired llamas.  If you’ve never seen a llama before, be prepared to, they’re probably one of the best animals you will ever meet. It is a country that encourages you to chill by the beach whilst drinking a pisco sour, indulging on fresh local seafood with a dreamy ocean to gaze off into. Oh, and have you heard how damn good that Spanish accent sounds! Well, you can get used to learning a whole new language just getting to know the locals at the fruit market or maybe whilst you're getting down learning some new Latin dance moves and if the timing's right, maybe they’ll invite you to join the festivities at Inti Raymi, the yearly sun festival in Cuzco.

peru-1662914_1920.jpgIf you ever decide to leave Peru, you’ll take more than a souvenir or two with you.  Confidence, cross-cultural communication, and public speaking skills are just a few of the professional benefits you can brag about on your CV.  You’ll always be a hit at parties with your adventure stories from Peru, and you’ll find yourself saying, "Comfort zone? Oh no! I got rid of that ages ago". What could be better than the experience of a lifetime, a great resume, and a skill that can take you everywhere? The only question you will be asking is where to next? Which will be super easy because we’ll make sure you get the chance to experience a placement in either South Korea or Thailand, just because we like to throw a cherry on top of things.

So, what are you waiting for? We know you just fell in love with Peru and that little blue button below is your first step to getting there!

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Courtney Condren

Courtney Condren

Courtney was a Marketing Intern at The Global Work & Travel Co. in Australia and is a travel addict in the truest sense of the word. She has travelled to 30 countries, lived in 6, and has no plans to stop any time soon! Her bucket list to-do’s include seeing the Aurora Borealis, visiting Caño Cristales, and going to Cuba.