Do you want to go on an epic adventure abroad? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Next question is where do you want to go? 

That can be a hard one to answer when there are so many amazing countries to kick off your journey. Not to worry though, we're here to help you out. 

Ever thought about a working holiday? Well, today we're taking you through the top 4 chosen hotspots by our Global Travellers!


By far the most popular destination hotspot for our Global Travellers is Canada and here are a few reasons why it tickles everyone’s fancy! 

Canada means maple syrup, ice hockey, Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling (I mean, reason enough right?!). The little ‘eh’ after most questions give the rest of the world joy every time we hear it.

Seriously, Canada is the place to be. From mountains and glaciers to secluded lakes and forests to multicultural, cosmopolitan cities; you can experience it all during its four truly gorgeous seasons.

Majority of our Global Travellers head overseas to experience the snow-filled Canadian winter. Around 80% of those travellers happen to be Australians, excited to see fluffy snow for the very first time!

During these colder months of the year, a big white powdery blanket covers the giant mountains and turns them into a skier & snowboarder’s paradise! The first feeling of sliding down a snow-covered slope is just fantastic, and you’ll be addicted immediately.

Whether you’re a pro or an enthusiastic beginner; you'll want to do it every day. The best part? You totally can! s! You'll experience some of the world’s finest and best powder conditions (and  freezing, wintery temperatures).

So, pack your gloves, thick wool scarves, layers of warm clothes and expand your collection of toques (Canadian beanies) to beat the cold! Our Working Holiday Canada trip offers you the opportunity to see yourself out there as possibly a ski instructor, maybe even a waitress and all with a winter wonderland as your backyard.

Work hard during the day or night, snowboard even harder and literally have the time of your life. You can even look at heading out to skate on frozen lakes, watch savage ice hockey matches in packed stadiums, go dog sledding or take a snowmobile tour through a pretty postcard backdrop. Feel amazed as you stare out into these beautiful landscapes and nature every day!

Winter won't stick around forever, and when it's the sun's turn to heat up, it leads the way for an even more exciting summer.

It’s a crazy thought that in a matter of days the snowy trees and mountains will turn green and open a diverse landscape full of surprises. During summertime, temperatures hit 30-35 degrees (86-95 °F), creating the perfect weather for fabulous outdoor activities. No country has more coastline than Canada, soak up the sun while floating on one of the many crystal blue lakes. Alternatively, hike, mountain bike or kayak your way around.

Spring and autumn are the perfect time for city trips. Every city has its own personality and, because of their relatively small size, are very easy to get around. Popular cities to visit are Vancouver; on the water and next to a mountain range, Calgary; the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, Toronto; vibrant, textured and very multicultural, Montreal; the European like cultural capital with its wide range of festivals and Quebec; French-speaking, amazing architecture and the only city in North America with a protection wall. This impressive, 4.6 kilometre (2.85 miles) long wall just breathes history, so definitely worth a visit!

Along the way, eat your heart out with poutine and donuts. Did you know Canada has more donut shops per capita than anywhere else in the world? What?!

The Canadian people will also make your adventure overseas even better, they are one of the friendliest and generous people you will get to know, and our Global Travellers couldn’t agree more. They will make sure you feel safe and at home from the moment they meet you.

So, pack those warm winter or light summer clothes, depending on the season you’re going, and be ready to experience Canada in a way you’ve only ever dreamed of!


Next, we’re heading to the land down under. Every year hundreds of Global Travellers make the very long journey to the other side of the world. Especially our friends from the UK who love the idea of an epic adventure far away from home with more than 50% of our travellers coming from this part of the world.

Here are a few reasons why they just bloody love it, mate. Australia just so happens to be one of the most interesting countries around, with its vast diversity in landscapes, cute kangaroos and koalas, insanely white sandy beaches and extraordinary cities. Then you have the sunshine which hits the country all year around. 

Since Australia is an island, there are beaches all around. In fact, if you want to visit a new beach every day, it will take you up to 29 years to see them all. I guess now’s a pretty good time to start then?! 

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If you ask our Global Travellers to describe the beaches in one word, heavenly would be a pretty popular one. One of the most breathtaking patches of sand is the famous Whitehaven Beach on Hamilton Island off the coast of Queensland. The water has a crystal-clear aqua blue colour and the white, soft sand squeaks while you walk on it.

Words don’t do it any justice, so our only advice is to head over there and see this unbelievably beautiful place yourself! Go snorkelling, sailing, kayaking during sunset or plonk your towel down for a couple of hours soaking up the sun (don’t forget your sunscreen, you’ll need it!). Take nothing more than swimwear, light summer clothes and thongs a.k.a. flip-flops and you’re good to go!

Speaking of beaches, the Australian waters are some of the best surf spots in the world. It’s here where the first class waves create a surfer’s paradise. 

For the pro-board-riders among us, there are plenty of great surf breaks and waves to challenge you. Head to Byron Bay (NSW), Bells Beach (Victoria) or Cactus Beach (South Australia) to surf in untouched wilderness. If you’re new to the whole surfing thing and can’t wait to get your hands on a surfboard (like most of our Global Travellers), head to Bondi Beach (Sydney), Cylinder Beach (North Stradbroke Island) or pretty much anywhere else to hit the small, easy-rolling swells. Woo!

However, Australia is so much more than just beaches. Around 20% of this continent is desert.

The Outback (as it is called) is one of the most unique and surreal places on earth. Imagine a land of bright red earth combined with white sand dunes, canyons, aboriginal cave drawings and the mysterious Uluru (Ayers Rock) for you to explore. That’s a line up for a pretty life-changing road trip if you ask us! While you’re at it, stop at the many ancient rainforests you’ll pass. Every forest is different, from tropical Daintree in Queensland, the oldest rainforest on earth, to the cool temperate rainforests of Victoria. Immense trees, hundreds of different plants and unique wildlife will make your walks and hikes more than worth it!

If you happen to be in Australia during winter time and you’re up for an entirely different wintery experience, go skiing or snowboarding on Mount Buller just up north of Melbourne. Yep, it snows in Australia too! Bring a sweater, but most of the time a T-shirt will do and keep your eyes open for crossing kangaroos. Only in Australia!

Thinking about how you can afford all this epic stuff? Our Working Holiday trips offer a wide range of job opportunities you're already familiar with.

Our Global Travellers work as waitresses, Front Desk Agents or do farm work. Be based in one of the many lively cities and save up ‘til it’s time for the next epic trip.

If this hasn’t convinced you enough, this country offers you the opportunity to take selfies with the cutest animals, eat too many delicious (and seriously addictive) Tim Tams and have barbies (slang for barbecue) with the most friendly, down to earth “Aussies”, as the local people are often called. See ya!


The third destination hotspot our Global Travellers love to travel to is the United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. So, here’s a few reasons why you might like to head to the UK for your next adventure alongside our Global Travellers! Get used to traditional Sunday roast dinners, drinking tea all the time and having new adventures every day, while there's always something going on there. 

This part of the world breathes history. It has shaped the UK to what it is today, leaving fascinating traces of history for you to explore. All around you’ll find places which give a glimpse of life from hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Visit mysterious Stonehenge in England, which to this day is still a mystery as to its purpose.

Go to Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and look down on the vibrant capital. Northern Ireland is home to the best-preserved walled town of the island of Ireland; Derry, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. During your time over there, you'll get to see a huge variety of architecture; thatched cottages, fairytale castles and stately mansions. We’re already dreaming away at the thought of strolling through the cobbled streets or immense castle rooms.

The contrast couldn’t be bigger with the cosmopolitan cities. Everybody knows London; the city of life, lights and fun everywhere, but there's more. Our Global Travellers personally love to explore the hippy/indie scene of Manchester, eat amazing typical Balti (a curry with chicken, meat, fish or vegetables) in Birmingham, been inspired by the lively art scene of Glasgow and checking out why Oxford is called the ‘city of dreaming spires’.

You should also be prepared to party since the UK is the birthplace of world-class events and festivals; big or small. An essential of each trip is a visit to a typical pub, which are much more than just a place to eat and drink, it’s a lifestyle. With our Working Holiday trip, you might be working in one of these iconic places or have another exciting job in one of the many great cities around.

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When you’re over there, make sure you take time to explore the beautiful countryside. It has great views and some terrific scenery; we mean ranges of majestic hills, rolling farmlands, charming lakes and valleys with peaceful little streams. The coastline is definitely worth a visit as well, with its cliffs, massive rocks and stone beaches.

Although it might seem like it, it definitely isn’t pouring rain all the time; the weather can be amazingly pleasant! Especially during the beautiful summertime when the days are filled with sunshine and hot temperatures. Don’t miss out on when the trees get these dark red, soft brown, orangish, goldish colours in autumn though.

You'll meet the most polite people on the planet and probably eat fish and chips once a week at your local pub. If the UK alone is not enough, the whole of Europe will be your new nextdoor neighbour.

It’s the perfect hub for adventures to Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and so many more! Start your European adventure now and create memories that will least for a lifetime, just like your fellow Global Travellers have!


The United States of America; the land of endless opportunities. Who doesn’t want to work and travel in some of the biggest cities on earth?! This destination hotspot is very popular among Australians since 67% of the travellers applying for a J1 Visa happen to be from the land down under.

This sponsorship visa allows you, if you're eligible, to find a job that suits the adventure you are looking for, so you can save up for all the road trips you want to take and here are a few reasons why you should turn your “American dream” into a reality.

You've probably have heard of the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles and Walt Disney World in Orlando. However, with 50 states there's so much more to explore, discover and experience. Did you know that there are more than 50 national parks?!

It varies from Arizona’s Grand Canyon to world’s first national park Yellowstone in Wyoming full of mountains, forests, lakes and geysers. Go hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and be a cowboy/girl for a couple of hours. For the more adventurous people among us, go rock-climbing, rafting or spelunking, just a few of the activities your fellow Global Travellers did as well. Put on your activewear, bring (a lot) of water and get out there!

It is also the perfect country for a never-ending road trip, even though you’ll have to stop at one point (we know the struggle). Famous roads to cruise are Route 66 from Chicago to California and Highway 1 along California’s coastline. Stop in the small towns, experience the real American lifestyle at its finest and marvel at some amazingly beautiful landscapes. You will discover the true heart of the nation with your new friends while you sing along to your favourite road trip songs!

Don’t skip the big cities though; they are popular for a reason. Take New York, a blend of iconic buildings, its many bustling suburbs, thriving foodie culture and endless things to see and do; it rightfully is “The City that Never Sleeps”. Go to Nashville, Tennessee, whose nickname happens to be “Music City” and is known for its jazz scene and music clubs. Another must is Portland (Oregon); a hotspot for the young and the artsy and happy hour capital of the USA. Visit Seattle, Washington and drink a coffee in the oldest Starbucks since it’s the birthplace of this famous coffee chain. Have fun in funky San Francisco, California and oh so many more!

If you want to go more off the beaten path, the Pacific Northwest will be your cup of tea. Get away from the crowds and find remote spots to enjoy nature’s bounty at its fullest. This part of the USA is a perfect mix of green nature and cities, all with their own personality. If you are up north anyway, hop over the border and to visit some Canadian cities as well. It will give you a whole different experience. The weather is great and lets you fully experience all four seasons in the best way possible. Many of our Global Travellers have seen their first snow here. This could be you, just saying!

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America is known as a bit of a fast food haven. However, it’s not entirely true, there are a variety of foods as big as the states themselves! It will definitely be something to remember. You do need to go to In-N-Out Burger though, which can only be found in California and the burgers are simply amazing, try some Mexican food in San Diego or eat some self-made s’mores during a late night campfire session in the woods.

With its amazing natural beauty, exciting cities and the incredible hospitality it makes the perfect recipe for a trip to America. This country literally has it all and with our support throughout your trip planning you will have the best gap year filled with memories you’ll cherish forever. Time to load up that suitcase!

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