Hello, I’m back for another round of sharing my travel experiences and how Global Work and Travel helped me achieve my dreams. 

Au Pair round 2 - Poppins (😂) in to London

I started my travelling journey with Global in the middle of 2017 getting prepared to work as an au pair! Fast forward to March 2020 and I am currently sitting in the kitchen of my current residence in London writing. You can read about my American Au Pair experience in my other review but in this blog, I am focusing on my Au Pair journey in London, United Kingdom.


It was towards the end of my year in California that I started to think about what my next step will be. I knew I wasn’t done with travel but I didn’t have the money to just book a ticket and leave, so I needed to be making money. Because my USA family was better than I could have ever imagined I was a little hesitant to do the Au Pair experience again. So, during this time I was talking with my Trip Coordinator Sarah who was being a great support through this stage of me figuring out what to do!

I was looking into all the programs that Global had available and ultimately, I decided to do Au Pairing again but in the United Kingdom, and London was my ideal location! So, I went through the simple and exciting process of working with Global to organise my new adventure! This time around for me it would be a little different as I had already done this experience before so there was more excitement rather than nerves!


London livin’ - Hello Europe! 😍

I ended up matching with an amazing family just 20 minutes on the tube from Central London! I couldn’t believe that I was going to be living in Zone 2 of London for nine months, it was definitely a pinch me moment! I have to thank Global for this as they are the ones with the connections to the agency! I am now seven months into my trip here in London and it has been nonstop! I have made lifelong friends, seen a handful of new countries and as always, I have grown as a person in so many ways! During my time here I have travelled to Edinburgh, Newcastle, Brighton & Bath and explored every corner in London! As for Europe I have been to Brussels in Belgium, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Copenhagen in Denmark, Sweden, Budapest in Hungary, Dublin in Ireland, Paris in France, Munich & Berlin in Germany, all in just nine months and that’s just the start for my European adventures!

My review of Au Pairing with Global

Au Pairing in the United Kingdom is a great option if you are looking to travel throughout the UK/ Europe and love working with kids! Au Pairing to me is one of the best ways to see the world as you have a place to stay, contracted work, opportunities to travel and no matter what you will always have your host family to lean on if things get a little tough! Au Pairing is a two-way street so the families want you to have a great experience just as much as you want it too! Always remember this!

5 reasons to Au Pair in UK

  • London is one of the most famous cities in the world
  • You have EUROPE at your doorstep
  • Get the chance to make a lifelong connection with a British family
  • There is a very strong Au Pair community here in London and all around the UK
  • Because why not?

My time here in London has been nothing short of exciting, crazy and most of all life changing. Travel has always been so important to me and every time I do it something will happen where I just have a moment to myself and really appreciate everything I have and everything that I am. I’m constantly appreciating my life and just how lucky I am to be here breathing, laughing and ticking places off the life list.


Always remember, life will flash right in front of your eyes if you don’t stop and actually ask yourself what it is YOU want. Six months of travel is all you need to ignite a new side of yourself, meet the people who can be in your life for years to come or maybe you even change everything about the life you had before. I am still sometimes in shock that it’s been almost three years of me of seeing the world. You will always have time to study, work, buy a house and settle. What you won’t always have is the time for seeing the world without any major responsibilities. It's never too late to start and when you’ve done those first six months you will see how fast time really does go by and you shouldn’t spend even a day not doing what your heart tells you. May sound cheesy but that’s what motivates me EVERYDAY!

So, if you’re thinking about taking that first step to living a new life or going on that dream adventure, do it now and do it with Global!

You heard her! If you want to start your UK Au Pairing adventure, get started below!

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