Recently we shared some of our Work & Travel Experts' favourite places around the world. We've decided to keep the good travel vibes going, and we're here once again to share even more from our awesome team in Vancouver, Canada!

Jen.jpgJen F. (Trip Coordinator)Jen_USA.jpg

Where is your favourite place in the world? South West of the USA.
Describe it: The true wild west!

Why do you love it? I spent six months living in New Mexico, and fell in love with life in the desert!
Favourite memory? Going on a camping road trip with eight friends around the edge of the Grand Canyon and horse-riding through Monument Valley in Arizona.

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 Jordan.jpgJordan S. (Work & Travel Expert)Jordan_Canada.jpg

Where is your favourite place in the world? Golden, British Columbia, Canada
Describe it: Beautiful, friendly, adventurous with absolutely no worries.

Why do you love it? It is incredibly relaxed with a great party scene and great people, plus the best of piste (marked run) skiing in the Rockies right at your front door.
Favourite memory: Backcountry skiing off the beaten trail, having beers and a fire at the top of a mountain - the real Canadian dream.

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Chrissy.jpgChrissy R. (Trip Coordinator)


Where is your favourite place in the world? Costa Rica!
Describe it: Pristine, outdoor, adventure, land.

Why do you love it? Whether you are hiking into the vibrant Rainforest, white-water rafting, kayaking down rapids or surfing by sunset, Costa Rica offers a different adventure every day. Not only does the country offer endless excitement & beauty, the country's initiatives towards diversity and environmental sustainability make Costa Rica the place to be. Despite all of the activity, Costa Rica brings you a sense of peace, freedom and appreciation.

Favourite memory? A group of friends and I embarked on a 27-day hike from the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica all the way across the country to the Pacific side. After all those days of camping and hiking, I remember when the rain-forest broke, and we finally had our first glimpse of the beach and the Pacific Ocean. We dropped our massive backpacks and ran down the beach and jumped fully clothed into the water!

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Jemma.jpg Jemma J. (Work & Travel Expert)Jemma - Slovenia.jpg

Where is your favourite place in the world? Tolmin, Slovenia
Describe it:  Beautiful, friendly locals, cheap and interesting history.

Why you love it? It's a small town surrounded by mountains and pristine rivers, never too many tourists plus the beer is very cheap and the local fish they fry up whole and serve with cottage cheese is the best!
Favourite memory? Drinking beer in an inflatable shark (that was actually a paddling pool for kids) whilst floating down the Tolminska river.

Jennie.jpg Jennie S. (Work & Travel Expert)Jennie - Amsterdam.jpg

Where is your favourite place in the world? My favourite place in the world is Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Describe it: Magical, inspiring, free, stunning.

Why you love it? I love Amsterdam so much, simply because of the atmosphere and the vibe of the city!  Everyone is so happy and care-free and very content with the life they live.  They don't have or need anything in excess and are perfectly happy with it.  They just bicycle their troubles away!
Favourite memory? Biking through the endless, vibrant tulip fields.

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Ally.jpg Ally N. (Work & Travel Expert) Ally - Portugal.png

Where is your favourite place in the world? Cabo Da Roca, Portugal
Describe it: Amazing, blue, rocks and exploration

Why you love it? Every time you stop it has an incredible view - there is no point of Cabo Da Roca that isn't amazing. When you "Google it", it says that people typically spend 30 minutes there, but I think I was there for a total of 5 hours because it was absolutely incredible.
Favourite memory? Climbing to the edge and sitting on the rocks to take in the view - felt like I was the only person in the world.

Carly.jpg Carly V. (Work & Travel Expert)CARLYANDJORDAN.jpg

Where is your favourite place in the world? Squamish, British Columbia, Canada!!
Describe it: Winter wonderland, cozy, beautiful, mountains.

Why do you love it? This photo is Jordan and I in Squamish, BC.. it is roughly 30-minute drive from Whistler, and it is absolutely gorgeous! If anyone is planning on doing a Working Holiday in Canada, definitely make the stop in Squamish for hiking, skiing and drinking ice cold beers while looking at a glacier!

Favourite memory? My favourite memory in Squamish is making a snow couch while drinking an ice cold kokanee and sitting by a warm fire after an awesome day of skiing WHISTLER!

Greg.jpg Greg C. (Sales Team Manager)

Greg - India.jpg
Where is your favourite place in the world? India.
Describe it: Weird, wonderful, enriching and diverse.

Why you love it? The diverse culture, sleeper trains, amazing food, super friendly people and amazing hospitality.
Favourite memory? Visiting Dharamasala - Sitting through one of the 14th Dalai Lama's teachings. Such an incredible and humbling experience.

Brianna.jpg Brianna M. (Administration & Travel Support)

Brianna - San Blas Islands.png
Where is your favourite place in the world? This is tough! I have so many favourites! I recently travelled Central and South America and sailed the San Blas Islands between Colombia and Panama. It was absolutely stunning! But, I love Greece, London, Switzerland and Mexico too.
Describe it: Coconuts, hammocks, Starfish & Sunshine.

Why you love it? The water is crystal clear, there are endless amounts of fresh seafood, everything is super cheap, and the natives are so friendly.
Favourite memory? My Mum surprised me this year in Canada for my birthday, from Australia. I finished work, walked outside and she was sitting on the seat outside the office :) I hadn't seen her for over a year. She had been secretly talking with Global and had arranged for me to have some time off over my birthday, so we road tripped to Banff & Lake Louise!

Now we've shared some of our favourites from our awesome team in Canada, it's time for you to share yours in the comments below! If you haven't been on any adventures yet we've got you there too! Just click the red button below and let's get you on a plane already!

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