Australia’s coastline stretches a whopping 30,000 kilometres. There's around 10,685 beaches laying around and if you wanted to visit them all, it could end up taking 28 years of your life just trying to make it to all of them!

If you've got the time and you’re ready to head on a bit of a mission then great but, if you're on a bit of a time crunch, here's five of the best that you're shorely not going to forget anytime soon.


📍 Whitsundays, Queensland

Oh, you knew it was coming! One step onto that white silica sand and you’ll have no argument against why it’s been named the most beautiful beach in Australia.

Stretching an impressive seven km along the stunning shores of Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach is one of the Whitsundays’ big drawcards.

It has limited accessibility by boat, seaplane or helicopter so you won’t find it too crowded either. Once you sink your feet into the pristine sand and wade through the crystal-clear water, you’ll see why people come here from all over the world!

Bells Beach

📍 Torquay, Victoria

This stop off on the Great Ocean Road, known for great swells and powerful surf is where the world’s top talent draw yearly for the Rip Curl Pro Surf Competition. Which is the world’s longest running surf contest.

Lonely Planet has cited it as one of Australia’s very best beaches for surfing, as it's truly beloved by surfers who come here to tackle the challenge of five-meter waves.

Though there's also an exposed reef to explore, it is probably best suited for those who know what they’re doing in the water, e.g: intermediate to advanced surfers.


 Turquoise Beach

📍 Turquoise Beach, Western Australia

(Thanks to for this epic 360 shot so you can see what it's like to swim with whale sharks for yourself!) 

Turquoise by name, turquoise by nature. Located within metres of Australia’s famous Ningaloo Reef (think manta rays, turtles and friendly whale sharks), it’s one of Western Australia’s most beautiful spots.

Grab a snorkel and take a peek beneath the surface where you’ll see every colour of the rainbow with plenty of colourful coral and 500 fish species on show.

Try your hand at the popular ‘drift snorkel’ by letting the gentle current wash you back to shore. 


Bondi Beach

📍 Sydney, New South Wales

(Fun fact of the day: Bondi Beach tops the list of Australia’s most Instagrammed place with 965,501 hashtags)

No Aussie beach countdown would really be complete without a stop off at Bondi! Here, it’s all about the relaxed surroundings and atmosphere - which has made it the icon that it is today for Australian beach culture.

The first Surf Life Saving Club in the world was founded here, 100 years ago now. But these days there’s more to love than sand and surf, the hip food and bar scene has taken off. It’s no wonder more than a million travellers descend to the shorelines each year.

Surfers Paradise Beach

📍 Gold Coast, Queensland

This slice of paradise is one of Australia’s most famous beaches, thanks to this seemingly endless stretch of coastline dotted with high-rise apartments. Anyone who has come to Australia with Global will recognise these picture-perfect golden sands in the heart of the Gold Coast where our HQ is located.

Riding a wave here sits highly on the bucket list of many holiday makers, and draws in millions of visitors a year.

Want to check out some of Australia’s best beaches for your little old self? Check that little red button and get going on an Australian adventure of your very own.

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