There are so many diverse ways to see this big wide world that there is bound to be the perfect trip out there to suit your lifestyle and get you exploring somewhere new!

Seeing the world can be super easy; the only hard part is picking which way you are going to do it. So, we're here to give you a sweet little rundown on the super popular and continuously growing travel trend of Working Holiday programs - so you can decide if this is the perfect travel style for you. 


A working holiday is becoming the trending way to see the world. It's the perfect chance for you to take a break from your current lifestyle back home and head overseas. You will be able to work along the way and make money so you can fund those unforgettable travels in between.

Consider it your golden ticket to seeing some incredible new parts of the world for an extended amount of time. Luckily for you, The Global Work & Travel Co. offers this unique style of travelling with Working Holiday Trips to Australia, Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom with complete guidance along the way. Perfect!


At home, it can become easy to find yourself in the same routine every day. Sometimes the healthiest option is to take yourself away and mix life up a little more.

Time for a little holiday! Woo! Then those fleeting few weeks are over, and it's time to head back to the daily grind. Boo! By choosing the Working Holiday route instead, you can now make that short and sweet holiday go from a couple of weeks to a solid few years overseas.

The greatest part about a Working Holiday abroad is getting to stick around and genuinely immerse yourself in a totally different culture, have new exciting experiences, learn new languages, discover unique traditions, make new pals and create a never-ending bank of incredible moments.



Moving overseas is a life-changing event, and you're probably wondering how on earth you are going to manage to pull this off. What visa do I need? How am I going to get a job? Find a home? What banks do they use? Do they have tax over there too? How about their social security? Local transportation? All that bureaucracy?

It can be pretty daunting, and sometimes those who have ventured off solo have found themselves broke after a month of not being able to find work and having to put the shame call in to their parents to bail them out and fly them back home. All that lead up just to end up back where you started is a total let down.


If you’re going by yourself, four weeks of job hunting can realistically mean $2,000+ you could've earned with a job lined up when you landed, not to mention the accommodation, transport, food and partying costs over that time too. That's an easy $3,000+ spent before the first dollar/pound comes back into your pocket. Not to forget all the stress, worry and doubt in your mind and the sleepless nights wondering what tomorrow holds.

So what’s the best way to prevent all this devastation from happening? Easy. Go with the Work & Travel Experts and have a travel companion with you for the entire journey to guide you with their local knowledge, and also assist in any bureaucracy along the way! It means that before you go, we have your visa guides ready for you, are on call if there are any questions, help out with your CV, arrange flexible flights for you and award-winning travel insurance to cover you if anything goes the polar opposite to your original plans.


We even have our awesome team matching you up with partner organisations before you arrive, so the work connection thing is covered! To avoid feeling lost when you land we have an airport pick-up for you to take you to your pre-arranged accommodation from a trusted and vetted hostel, for you to hang out in for a few days to get over the jet lag and to get used to your new surroundings.

Then when you are feeling fresh again, you can come in for a face-to-face orientation with your local personal Trip Coordinator who will help you with local banking, tax, finding a home, where to party and will be there for any questions you have throughout your entire journey. On top of that, we have a 24-hour emergency line too with a team of experts on call for you around the clock. And when you go on your extra excursions along the way, we can even store your extra luggage and mail for you, in our local office, where you can also get free WIFI, and do your needed printing.

Those are just some of the aspects why 50,000+ travellers have already chosen to travel with us instead of pushing it through the hard way all by themselves. We aim to make travel easy, so you can focus on enjoying the adventure!


There are a few factors about yourself that will determine whether a Working Holiday trip is for you or not. The most important is your age, and it needs to fit in between the 18-30 (35 depending on where you're from) age gap to start. That’s a few solid years of seeing the world right there! As for the best time of the year to jet off? Well, the answer is always.

Experience all the seasons if you please and then head to the next country. So pick your date and give yourself a few weeks or months to get organised and you will be on your way before you know it! Freedom never felt better!


Our Working Holiday trips stretch from the sunny lands of Australia, the highest mountains of Canada, the fun filled USA and the bustling lands of the United Kingdom. Each country has their own eligibility requirements which is why Global puts you in touch with one of our Work & Travel Experts so they can let you know which country will open its arms wide and welcome you over.

Set up base in Australia and zip around in the meantime to see Bali, New Zealand or Thailand. Maybe head to Canada to spend summer floating on lakes, winter shredding down mountains or what about jetting to the UK and having Europe as your neighbour! You may make your ground base in just one country but realistically a Working Holiday takes you absolutely everywhere you want.

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...and we can help. It will take some courage to say YES to leaving your life at home behind, but you have got this! Especially with the help of our awesome Work & Travel Experts who can have a chat with you to tell you what you need to do and how it is going to get done. We will be with you along the way from visa applications, flights, transfers, currencies, accommodation, job opportunities, tax refunds, down to how you are going to manage with only a suitcase worth of clothing.

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Together we can get you on your way to becoming a world-wide explorer! Time to start ticking off those wild life-long dreams you have been writing on your to-do list for the last few years!

So you have the working holiday essentials, all you need to do now is decide if you want to pack up your life and head overseas! Of course you do! If you still aren't too sure then here's another magical inspirational revelation for you... Life is short and the world is wide! It is so simple! Get out there and see it with us!

Click the big button below to start your working holiday adventure and have the time of your life! We dare you.

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