If you have just completed what feels like endless years of study and you are ready to get out into the world already, then there is nothing that will help you get to your career goal quicker than some hands-on experience, or even better, international experience with an Internship overseas.



An internship abroad is becoming the way to kick-start your career, but also enjoy the epic feeling that comes with seeing the world.

It gives you the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the field that you have focused your studies on and mix it up with some explorations in between. All that knowledge from studying gets put into practice and helps you to build up your resume.

So, when you apply for your first position, any employer will be super impressed that you are ready to help their business strive. Luckily for you, Global offers an array of internships abroad focused on helping you reach your career and travel dreams at the same time with complete guidance along the way. You also get to finish your internship with professional references, completion certificates and pride of a job well done!


Finding the gateway into your chosen career can sometimes be tricky. You can be up against hundreds of fresh-faced college graduates that have the same goals as you, and it can be hard to make yourself stand out on a simple piece of paper.

So, why pay to do an internship abroad? You already know that an internship gives you the ability to get some experience in a real business, in the big wide world.

If you can get some experience back home then that is fantastic but why not take it up to the next level and find yourself in the big smoke of an international city gaining GLOBAL knowledge instead of local knowledge.

Not only that you are saving yourself hundreds of dollars in unexpected expenses that pop up when you try going solo at it, like days spent looking for an organisation that needs you which leads to overspending for food, accommodation and general living expenses. They add up very quickly.

The greatest part about an internship abroad is being able to immerse yourself into a new culture, enjoy exploring on your time off and creating incredible moments all while still achieving your professional goals. Having all of the intricate details sorted for you before you go will actually allow you to do these things.

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Going overseas is a huge leap, and you are probably wondering how on earth you are going to connect with the right business on the other side of the world to get started. Thinking about visas, income, taxes, getting around and what you will be required to do can make your mind go into overdrive and sometimes you can find you talk yourself out of it from fear of the unknown.

Plus you don’t want to get there utterly clueless to find yourself flying back home a few weeks later feeling disheartened and not wanting to take the same adventure again and back to where you started.

Heading off by yourself you may get to your destination, miss important requirements which can find you overspending, find an internship that may not actually be the right fit and leave stressed and second-guessing yourself and whether this career is what you actually wanted. 

The best way to avoid the stress and give you the proper guidance and support you need is easily done with an Internship Trip across the pond with The Work & Travel Experts by your side. Your very own travel companion that can give you the run-down on everything you need to know and empower you to do your best! Before you go, you will have support picking which country would suit you best, which visa you need to have, assistance with all supporting documents, flexible flights arranged and organise some award-winning travel insurance to give you even more security. 

We have a team that is going to start getting you connected before you even leave home with an absolute tonne of different industry internships to choose from! You will then get to meet with our partner organisation and start gaining some hands-on experience! We will, of course, be checking in along the way and have a 24/7 emergency line for you to get in touch with our team of experts around the clock.

That is why we have grown to become one of the world’s largest youth travel companies and assisted 40,000+ adventurous Global Travellers that have chosen to travel with us and take the stress of travel off their shoulders so they can enjoy the ride.


So, first of all, you do need to be at least 18 years old to get on board the Internship overseas trend. If you’re almost there, you can still lock your trip in beforehand, it just means your parents or guardian need to also be on board which we are sure they will be!

The best time of year to leave can come down to your favourite season or maybe experiencing something you haven’t before. Any time of year is always a good time to travel because the world has so much to offer! The internship can also be timed to fit perfectly into your study plans or graduation schedule.



Long story short, pretty much everywhere. Our Internship trips can take you to some awesome spots such as the land down under Australia, its friendly next-door neighbour New Zealand or even the maple land of Canada. Each country has exciting cities, offers their own unique internships, and you'll be guided on how to enter each country, their customers, currencies, perfect road trips, local traditions and so much more. 

Plus no matter where you end up you can visit neighbouring countries while you get some time off too! We have plenty of adventures for you to add onto your journey at the beginning, middle or end of your Internship.


It is going to take your passion to prosper with the urge to travel combined with the expert knowledge of Global to get you off on this adventure. From the moment we meet you will know what you need and have the support to get it done!

We will be with you for the entire journey to make sure you are set up properly when it comes to the paperwork, getting your tickets booked and setting you up with the right internship before you go.

Together we are going to make you become an experienced nomad who gets to come home with even more knowledge than when you left! Time to kick-start your career and make it into the absolute time of your life along the way!


Time to take off on an adventure and reward yourself for doing such a great job at university all those years! You absolutely deserve this and don't have to feel bad because you're creating a brighter future for yourself at the same time.

Click on the red button below because you know you wanted to do this before you even got here.

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