We might not have been able to explore countries as much as we wanted, but we were able to explore our Netflix catalogues. And with it, came more interest in media that doesn’t typically gain popularity, non-English speaking shows. 😱

From Squid Game to Money Heist, mainstream media seems to be becoming more diverse with each new release, and we’re loving it! Although the doll in Squid Game still haunts our dreams.


But if watching this international media has made you curious about languages, we’re here to tell you that being bilingual has more benefits than just not needing subtitles.

Learning a new language is not easy, no doubt about that (sometimes we question if we can even speak English properly). But overcoming the initial learning curve will reap you plenty of rewards, both personal and professional.

Improve brain power.

Don’t get too ahead of yourself. Learning a new language won’t suddenly make you an Einstein level genius. But, the learning process will definitely train your brain to tackle more complex problems and give you some good mental exercise. 🧠


Plus, with all the new vocab and phrases you’re learning, studies have also shown memory improvement and an added bonus of excellent multi-tasking skills.

Improve self-confidence.

Confidence builds with every goal we achieve. From slowly increasing your vocabulary to being able to craft sentences together, there’s no better feeling than knowing you’re improving. From there, it’ll only be a matter of time before you’re ordering ramen fluently in Japan or chatting up a storm with your new Italian friend.


Meet new people.

This one’s a no brainer. A new language will open you up to a brand new culture and is a great motivator for you to chat with new people. Whether you know a few sentences or a few words, there’s no better lesson or test than actually chatting with a native speaker. Chances are, they’ll be impressed either way and you’ll end up feeling like an A+ student. ⭐️


Stand out professionally!

With your new found language skills, don’t forget to add it onto your resumè! Not only can it be a great conversation starter, but it may well open up more job opportunities (especially if you want to work abroad 😉 ).


Has this list convinced you to put your studying pants on again? We’d love to help! If you haven’t noticed already, Global has recently introduced a study option so you can not only learn the language in the motherland, but also be fully immersed in the culture. It’ll be like Emily in Paris, but better.

At the moment, you can choose from Japanese, Italian and Spanish. If you’ve got another language in mind, definitely keep an eye out as we’re busy coming up with plenty more trips in the future!

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