We know what you’re thinking, “you can’t be serious Global Work & Travel! Is travel really possible right now?”

Gone are the days of border shut downs and travel restrictions... well most of it any way. As many countries start to welcome back working holiday makers, travelling abroad is no longer just some distant dream! So if throughout the last 2 years all you could think about was shredding the slopes in Canada, popping over to Europe from your base in the UK, or getting down under to soak up the sun and have an adventure, here’s our list of reasons why right now is the time to make it happen!

People usually book 6-12 months before they leave anyway

Even in pandemic-free years we always recommend travellers give themselves at LEAST 6-12 months from the time they book, to the time they depart. We know this seems like a while, but there’s a LOT to get done. When you factor in budgeting for your trip (very few people have enough money to start a new life right off the bat), planning what you want to do when you get there (where are you going to get started), sorting out your visas (this can be far more of an ordeal than it seems, especially if you don’t have guidance) and booking flights (you’ll want to book around 3 months early to get the cheapest flights). Global can show you how to apply for a working holiday visa, how to get the best flights, how to budget for a working holiday and help you get the best job for your working holiday.

Even when booking a trip with Global Work & Travel where you have all the assistance you need to get these things done, it can still be very time-consuming.

So by the time you’re actually ready to go, the world will be ready to have you!

Start building up that bucket list!

Even after you’ve got all the logistics about your trip sorted, you’ll still want to spend a bit of time focussing on the fun stuff. What do you want to do in this new exciting part of the world?

If you’re heading to the UK; do you want to go to Hogmanay (Edinburgh New Years, widely regarded as the best New Years celebration in the world)? Do you want to go to an Arsenal game? Do you want to have some side trips to Spain, Italy, Croatia or Germany? If you’re going to Canada; you’re going to want to see Moraine Lake (one of Global’s travellers at Moraine Lake), work a ski season at one of their world famous resorts, maybe get to the Calgary Stampede or even get down to the States for Coachella! If you’re going to Australia or New Zealand, do you want to go to The Great Barrier Reef? The Great Ocean Road? Queenstown?

There’s a LOT to think about! This is the fun bit! Pull out Google and find out what you want to do. (Or if you booked with Global, ask your Trip Coordinator! They’ll be STOKED to talk about what to do)



If you’re anything like us, COVID has been TOUGH on the ol’ bank balance. If you’ve lost your job, nuff’ said. If you’ve been lucky enough to keep your job, then online shopping has made a real dint (it’s okay, it happened to everyone). This part of travel is the least glamorous. Turning down those Friday night drinks with your friends to save money. Deciding that you don’t want to buy the new gaming console (how good does PS5 look?!), or that new pair of shoes, or whatever else new and shiny you might like, because you’re trying to save money.

This takes time, but trust us, it’s worth it! It is SO much more fun spending money in your dream destination than it is here. You’re going to want to make sure that you have enough cash to not only get by, but to be able to have some “throwin’ around money” as well. After all, in years to come you won’t remember that new outfit you bought, but you’ll ABSOLUTELY remember that trip you took!


Give yourself something to look forward to

The best part of the tunnel is the light leading out of it. COVID has been tough, we’re not going to sugarcoat it, it’s been really s**t. At times like this the best thing you can do is to stay positive. But it’s tough to stay positive when all you see day after day is negativity crammed down your throat.

Create your own positivity, and give yourself something to look forward to.
How much better will you feel knowing that after all of this is said and done, you’re going to have the time of your life? You’ll be able to step back out into the world, make up for lost time, and go hell for leather on your dream trip!

You’ll be organised and ready to go. When the world is ready, you will be too! There is inevitably going to be a huge travel rush, everyones going to want to get the hell out of wherever they are. Put yourself in the driver's seat and be the first to do it!


Awesome jobs are waiting

Many industries rely on working holiday makers. Whether that’s ski resorts in Canada needing countless ski-lift operators for the ski season or Australia needing people to work on Islands in the Whitsundays during summer. These fun and seasonal jobs need people like YOU to work them. Global Work & Travel works with over 1,200 host organisations that are hiring right now. You could find yourself doing just about anything, all we know is that it’s going to be epic!


Tourism needs you!

You may not know this but 109 MILLION people globally work in travel and tourism. An industry that has obviously been decimated in 2020. In a normal year in Australia tourism accounts for 3.1% of their national GDP. This number is much higher in developing nations like Thailand where tourism actually accounts for up to 18% of their GDP! In a nutshell, the industry and local communities need YOU!

There are countless communities worldwide where that number is even higher. Places like Hạ Long Bay in Vietnam, Aguas Calientes (where you set off to climb Machu Picchu) in Peru and Santorini in Greece. These absolutely stunning and iconic places rely incredibly heavily on tourism. Without it, it’s tough to know what getting there will look like in years to come.

Book with confidence

If you decide to book that trip with Global Work & Travel you are completely protected by our Lifetime Deposit Guarantee AND our Ultimate Corona Booking Flexibility. Essentially this “Corona-proofs” your dream trip. If your trip is affected by Corona restrictions then you’re able to change dates absolutely free of charge! You can even change your mind on where it is you travel to, or even what kind of trip you want to do! Don’t fancy that Canadian Working Holiday anymore? Go volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica instead!


If you’ve been in lockdown, staring out the window, dreaming of the big wide world out there... it’s time to do something about it! The world is waiting, go see it!

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