Spend a summer abroad without paying for accommodation or meals! It sounds too good to be true, but good things happen to good people. The secret is to become a summer camp counsellor. 😉

If you grew up watching summer camp classics like Camp Rock and The Parent Trap, but never got the chance to become a camper, now you can do something even better. A summer counsellor job means you’ll get to spend the best months of the year in a new country and get paid to do it!


No expenses!

Stay in cabins with the rest of your counsellors, enjoy freshly cooked meals at the campsite and put all your pay towards your travel funds. Your pay rate will depend on your age, but either way, you’ll be making a steady income which is always a win.


Great experience for your resume.

Teaching, leadership and childcare skills are just some of the experiences you’ll pick up as a summer camp counsellor. It’s easy to forget you’re working when you spend your days doing all sorts of outdoor activities, but definitely don’t forget to add this trip on your resume. It’ll be a great conversation starter too!


New friends!

If you’re scared of travelling alone and meeting new people, you can leave that worry behind as soon as you arrive at your camp. Nothing says friendship like working together on planning activities, and having daily sleepovers in your cabins. Yay for new friends!


Breathe the freshest air in nature.

Think back to all those summer camp movies, they were always based in the most beautiful natural surroundings, and that’s not movie magic. Go deep into the woods to the most stunning forests or stay lakeside. From the UK to the USA, the choice is yours.


Endless travel potential.

Once camp is over, the world is yours to explore! Plus, remember all that pay you could save because of free meals and accommodation? Put that straight into a plane ticket, pack your bags and hit the road!


Ready to have the best summer of your life? We know you are.

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