Coffee is more than a drink for many people. It’s perhaps our most loyal and trusted friend, getting us through long nights, early mornings and stressful times.

As one of the world’s most traded commodities, coffee is so integrated into our lives that for many people, we simply can’t function without our hot bean juice in the morning. But if any group of people take their coffee love to the next level, it’s the Italians.


A rough beginning, just like our mornings without coffee.

When coffee first arrived in Europe in the 16th century, it was actually banned and considered Satanic! But Pope Clement VIII took one sip and never looked back. He loved it so much he was ready to baptize this magical drink, and the rest was history.


Apart from their delizioso foods, Italians also went on to invent the world’s most loved drinks including the cappuccino, latte, espresso and macchiato - which might be the only Italian words people know. They also built the first steam-driven espresso machine which can now be found in just about every cafe in the world.

If you’re a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast that only drinks lattes, allow us to enlighten you on 5 mouth-watering coffees you might never have heard of. Better yet, you can learn coffee making from the homeland and take those skills to bless your taste buds for the rest of your life.



Literally translating to restricted, a ristretto is an espresso made with half the normal amount of water. It’s the perfect drink for days when you need a punch in the face to wake up. We’ve all been there.


Caffe con panna

Espresso + whipped cream = happy days. A caffe con panna is just a blob of freshly whipped cream to sweeten up that dark coffee. Most Italian patisseries will also serve their own house-made whipped cream for an extra level of indulgence.



Cover your shot of espresso with some cocoa powder and full-fat cream, and you’ve got yourself a marocchino! Depending on which region of Italy you visit, a dash of hot chocolate or chocolate spread might also be added.


Caffe corretto

Espresso and liquor. Enough said. Traditionally a caffe corretto is made with a shot of grappa or sambuca, but each region has their own liquor preferences. I guess you’ll have to visit as many cities as you can to try them all.


Crema al caffe

An ice slushy, but make it coffee. Made with frozen cream, a crema al caffe is so thick that it’s really more a dessert than a drink. So pick up that spoon and start scooping for an icy treat that will cool you down during the hot Italian summers.

Are you staring at your instant coffee and thinking you deserve better? You’d be right. There’s still so much coffee waiting for you to taste, so get to it!

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