After some daily praying and manifesting, we finally got the news we’ve been waiting to hear.

AUSTRALIA IS OPEN! We repeat. The land down under is OPEN! 😭


If you’ve been eyeing our working holiday or au pair trips in Australia, we’re so happy to finally welcome you back to Global’s home base.

Currently, 15 December 2021 is the magic date where fully vaccinated, eligible visa holders such as working holiday makers can make the move to Aussie land without quarantine (although this only applies to certain states at the moment and you will need a negative Covid test).


Nonetheless, this is the type of positivity we were hoping to end 2021 on. So if you’re already itching to book your trip, let us show you the type of amazing jobs Australia has to offer. FYI - finding a job won’t be hard either, apart from the staff at Global HQ, Aussie business owners have probably missed you the most.

Choose your island.

Surrounding this gigantic island country are several smaller, out of this world islands that will have you saying “you beauty” the moment you arrive. Hamilton, Hayman, Daydream, Rottnest, the list goes on and on, filled with hotels and cafes needing your help.

Turn your daily commute into walking along the most beautiful beaches in the world. Spend your weekends snorkelling in crystal clear waters or chuck on a barbie with your mates. Live that island life you’ve always dreamed of, you know you want to.


Snow.. in Australia?

Most foreigners don’t expect to find snow in Australia, and we don’t blame you. We definitely focus too much on our sunny weather and beaches. But we do have a winter season! That means you can find work on some of the best ski resorts in the country, located in Perisher, Falls Creek, Mount Buller and more!


Live the city life.

If you asked an Aussie what their favourite things are, they’d most likely say coffee and alcohol. So expect to see A LOT of cafes, bars and restaurants. Luckily for you, this means there’ll be plenty of hospitality jobs in the big city.


See the outback.

If you want the most authentic Aussie experience you can get, the outback is waiting for you! Work in a rural pub and end your days with a cold glass of Aussie beer — it doesn’t get better than that!


Already think you’d want to stay for more than a year? No worries, mate. To extend your visa for a second year, all you need to do is complete 3 months of specified work, usually on a farm, which is just another great way to experience different parts of Australia. You can read all about the process here!

Discover the famous laid back Aussie culture in 2022 and start planning your working holiday now!

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