The United Kingdom has long been a popular holiday destination. From the iconic red telephone boxes to feeling like you could be in Harry Potter, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are all countries that perfectly blend stunning highlands with bustling cities.

If you’re ready to dust off your passport again and round-out 2022 at the airport, here’s why we recommend the UK to be at the top of your travel list!


They’re crying out for workers!

Bars, restaurants and hotels have well and truly reopened across the UK, but the lack of staff has caused many businesses to reduce opening hours or even shut down completely. With such a huge demand for workers, we’re confident that you’ll be spoilt with choice!


Get cultured.

Thanks to years of immigration, the UK is now home to one of the most diverse range of cultures in the world. You can see this reflected in everything from philosophy, architecture, literature, theatre, comedy, music and films. And we haven't even mentioned how important and respected sport is here! Science and technology in the UK is also renowned and high influential across the globe.


Endless travel potential.

While the UK already has 4 amazing countries for you to choose from, Europe is literally next door. Take a train to Paris, be in Germany within a day, the options are endless. Best of all? They are all on your doorstep!


Excellent beer.

British beer has definitely earned a great reputation for itself for good reason. From lagers to ales and IPAs, there are plenty of amazing breweries in the UK, producing their finest liquid bread for you to taste.


Explore on a budget.

If you don’t have the biggest wallet in town, worry not! There are plenty of ways for you to still take in the sights without breaking the piggy bank. Invest in an Oyster card, go on a self-guided walking tour, click here to see a few more ideas on how you can explore London on a budget!


Keen to pick up a proper British accent? You could be working in a historic pub, modern hotel or even in an ancient Scottish castle this time next year. The path to your new life is right this way good sir/madam. Intakes for '22 are closing soon, so hurry or you'll have to wait another year to enjoy winter in the UK!

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