We start the year so optimistic and full of hope. This year we’re going to conquer the world, kick those goals and live our best lives. But then only 20% of New Year’s resolutions are actually achieved. We want you to be your best self and get it done!

So we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best ways to make sure you start your year right!

1. Get a friend to do it with you

Having someone else on board with you can keep you motivated. Whatever your resolution is, it’ll be a lot more fun having a friendly face with you every step of the way. Someone to call you up if you miss that 5 am bootcamp. Someone to tell you not to go outside for that cigarette. That person who is celebrating just as hard as you when you both book that flight.

It’ll be a lot harder to drop out if you’re letting down a friend as well as yourself.


2. Make yourself accountable

Spread your resolution around. Let people know that’s what you’re going to do. Post it on Facebook, tell the world. It’ll give you another reason not to let it drop off.

3. Be Realistic

Don’t make your resolution as, “become the next Beyonce” unless you’re Lizzo. (Big call we know, but she’s pretty fantastic).

Make your resolution something you could realistically achieve. Dream big, but keep it achievable. If you desperately want to become the next Beyonce, make your resolution to “record a song,” or “get on stage and CRUSH my performance”.


4. Have a plan

It’s fine saying “I’m going to do this”, or “I’m going to do that”. But unless you have a plan of HOW you’re going to do this or that, it won’t happen. Break it down. If you want to learn a language then think of how. Step 1) download Duolingo, Step 2) spend an hour on it 3 nights a week, Step 3) go to language exchange nights, Step 4) move to a country that speaks that language and never come back etc, Costa Rica anyone?

5. Set a specific goal

It’s all well and good to “lose weight”, but how much do you want to lose? It’s fine to “travel more”, but where are you going? Yeah cool, you’re going to “save more money”, how much are you going to save?

Having a specific goal can give you a target, and let you keep track of your progress.

6. Stay positive

Resolutions are hard, change is hard, doing stuff is hard, you know what, it’s too hard... We’re going to give up on this blog...







Don’t let some setbacks or negative thoughts stop you from achieving what you want. You’ll almost certainly encounter some knocks. But give yourself a pat on the back for your victories. You’ll get there in the end if you stick to it.

That was a really good point Ben, way to write the hell out of it.


7. Start small

Trying to do too much too quick with your resolutions can be a big reason why people give up. You get burnt out really quickly and revert back to old habits. Work your way into it. If you want to lose weight, start by setting a goal to go to the gym twice a week. If you want to save money, put $50-$100 dollars a week away. If you want to climb a mountain, don’t start with Everest.

This is why gyms are packed in January but a ghost town in February.

8. Don’t get disheartened if you fail

If you slip up, don’t worry about it, 80% of people do. Just recognise that yeah, you failed this time. But what do you do when you fall off the horse? You get right back on.

Take a moment to reflect on what went wrong, make adjustments, and go again.

9. Make your resolution something you actually want

Be real with yourself. Do YOU want to achieve that resolution? Or is it what you THINK you should want? Don’t let anyone else affect who it is that you want to be. If you’re not too fussed about being overweight; you go be cuddly! If you really enjoy cigarettes; probably not a great idea, but puff away smokey! If you’re alright being broke; hell, I’ll buy your next round!

Make sure before you set your mind to do something, that it’s something you really want to do!

10. Have fun with it

The easiest way to keep a resolution is to make it something fun. Here’s a list of our favourites.

  • Smile more
  • Be nicer to people
  • Have more fun on weekends
  • Call Mum more
  • Put more time aside for friends
  • Learn a magic trick
  • Stop stalling and book that bloody trip with Global Work & Travel

Don’t let the world pass you by. Make this year the year you become who you want to be. The world is waiting for you.

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