“It is our collective and individual responsibility to protect and nurture the global family, to support its weaker members and to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live" - Dalai Lama

This downright inspiring wisdom explains why the Dalai Lama has 19 million followers on Twitter. It also emphasises the important need for volunteers all over the world to come together and create a positive vibe for planet earth and everyone in it.

(Global Volunteer Rebecca D. explores the desert whilst volunteering on our Elephant Conservation & Helping Local Farmers project in Namibia!)

Africa has severely affected areas of poverty, meaning limited education opportunities and desperation that can lead to extreme ways of making an income. Sadly this sometimes includes illegal animal poaching which is slowly creating the extinction of Africa’s incredible wildlife.

However, there is always the chance for change to create a better future for everyone! If you feel like volunteering is your calling we have a number of wonderful life-changing experiences for you to start your humanitarian adventure and who's to say you can’t eventually visit them all?!


📍 Hoedspruit

 Rise and shine! It is time to get up and be a part of the hard-working team that are revitalising the endangered wildlife cheetah, white rhinos, lions and many other wildlife species. 

Based on a leading private research and breeding facility on a game reserve, volunteers will assist with a vast range of activities geared towards the recovery of these incredible animals. 

From getting food prepped to interacting with the cheetahs it all makes a huge impact in ensuring this animal doesn’t become extinct. Plus there’s adventures to take in your free-time to meet some other wandering wildlife while you are there!



You haven’t seen cute until you have made friends with a tribe of monkeys. Let’s not even get started on baby season!

Vervet Monkeys suffer and are often orphaned, injured, abused and treated worse than pests. Volunteering here will give you a glimpse into the lives of the monkeys and those involved in caring for them.

It is all hands on at the Rehabilitation Centre with around 600 current monkeys getting cared for on a daily basis! This volunteering experience is not only educational but a real eye-opener as you discover how far the protection of these animals has come over the last few years. 



📍 Cape Town

If you’re a creative, high spirited person who loves spending time making others smile then this is a volunteer trip waiting for you... 

In Cape Town you will enrich the lives of kids in underprivileged townships by providing them with a better education and a brighter future. By contributing to a number of different projects, all geared towards uplifting and improving their education, supporting and empowering the children through a sustainable approach to development. 

In a place where any education is a privilege your knowledge gives them power to reach their goals. Two great aspects combined, helping children and having fun. 



📍Eastern Cape 

If you’ve always wanted to go on an African Safari then you’re going to be impressed within the first 30 seconds of arriving here. 

Get ready to meet the Big 5! It won’t be hard when they are casually going on about their day only meters away from you! No worries your ranger is close by to educate you about Rhinos, Elephants, Buffalos and more. It’s easy to say you are going to be seriously impressed with who you get to work alongside every day you are there!

 With a tonne of activities that cover game park management and compliment conservation efforts, you'll have an incredible volunteer abroad experience!

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📍Port Elizabeth 

Let's face it, spending your days amongst all the famous faces in the animal kingdom ticks all the boxes. Landing 
 on the glorious coastline of Port Elizabeth is an added bonus. 

Meet new friends with not only your fellow volunteers & locals but with 5 pretty famous animals of the safari. This trip is all about training and making yourself an expert in wildlife conservation to ensure the inhabitants of the animal kingdom remain for many years to come! With a classroom that extends outside with the wildlife, you get to practice your theory and pass with flying colours. 

 Eight weeks of pure joy where the only hard parts will be leaving and deciding which of your zillion photos will get a frame on the wall back home next to your Game Rangers Certificate.


zanzibar community

📍 Zanzibar 

This is island living at its best. Gain deep insight into island life as you volunteer with the incredible kids of Zanzibar Experience the treasures of the island and become part of a close-knit community as you contribute your knowledge as you teach students skills that will help them create a dynamic future for themselves.

This is an opportunity to have a positive input on this entire town and will give you first-hand international experience in teaching that will increase their chances of being able to do more in the working world.

elephant conservation & help local farmers 🌾


This project starts with pure joy as you hear of the fantastic growth of the elephant population over the past decade. However, with growth comes less natural resources leading these guys to visit local farmers wells for a thirst quenching drink. 

Being larger than most animals these peaceful giants are unintentionally destroying all the wells, so it's time to get them sturdy so everyone can enjoy them! Help the local farmers and watch these beautiful creatures roam free. Assist local farmers and work with one of the world's most peaceful giants in Namibia



To get you pro before you go, here is practical advice from some of the Global Volunteers that have taken the journey before you...
  1. Research the country you are going to just, so you don’t get a massive culture shock when you arrive.
  2. Always have a bottle of water on you to stay hydrated. You will get thirsty a lot.
  3. Think basic when you pack. Leave all your expensive gadgets & jewellery at home and if you take a camera keep it in a bag. Speaking of cameras, check for signage before snapping away some areas don't allow it.
  4. Learn some lingo (Swahili) before you go - you will meet someone that doesn’t know English, so it is nice to be still able to have a small conversation.
  5. Keep a small bit of cash on you when you can. It comes in handy!

If you're looking to make a positive change and don't know where to start, let our Volunteer Experts assist you in making your humanitarian travel dreams come true.



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