On the 1st of June 2019, I boarded the plane from Australia to begin what was meant to be a gap year overseas. Almost 2 years later it did in fact turn into living and working in Canada rather than a time filler between school and university (sorry Mum and Dad).

I first applied to work at a Summer Camp following my Camp Rock dream in America and had originally planned to just return home after camp was finished.

Although I was in a bit of a post secondary rut where I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life and really wanted to join my friends at University but just had no idea what to study.

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I had always heard of people going overseas to work but just never thought of it as an option for myself. Just out of curiosity I reached out to a friend who was currently working and living in Canada to find out how she did it. That is when she recommended Global Work & Travel.  

Later that day I googled Global Work & Travel and signed up to receive more information. Within half an hour I was on the phone to a trip coordinator. I had put down a deposit to secure a working holiday in Canada within the same day.

After 3 months of working at a Summer Camp and travelling the U.S.A I was frequently messaging my Trip Coordinator who was helping me organise job interviews. While I was travelling America I secured a job and accommodation in Banff, where I later spent 9 months working and exploring the Rockies. I learnt how to snowboard, ice skate and fell in love with hiking and camping. I also bought a minivan from a good friend/co worker.

Once my car was organised a good friend who I met over here and I decided to spend some time doing van life around B.C. and eventually make the move to Tofino, Vancouver Island to spend the Summer.

After Summer I then moved to Big White Ski Resort for the Winter to live the true ‘ski in, ski out’ lifestyle.

Fast forward 6 months, I am now back in Banff for summer to explore more of the rocky mountains until I have to return to the land of Vegemite and Tim Tams.

So there you have it. Remee turned a "time filler" into the adventure of a lifetime! She will leave Canada with precious memories, treasured friends, but most importantly she'll leave re-invigorated to start the rest of her life (Bring on Uni right Remee?)

You could too! One of the biggest clichés you'll find with people that have travelled is "I really found myself overseas." There's a reason they say that! If you're a bit lost, the very BEST thing to do is travel. Go find yourself! Just like Remee did.

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