Hell-Pho from Vietnam! Beauty and energy sweep every inch of this nation. When you drift off to Vietnam, you probably picture neverending rice fields to frolick in and chaotic cities. When in reality, it's the home of everlasting progress, peace and tropical island bliss. Located in the South China Sea with a whopping population of 91 million, it's a bustling and vibrant country packed with 2,000 miles of coastline to explore. Surely by now you must be Vietnam dreaming?! With our help, you can embrace the breezy Vietnamese lifestyle wherever you please. But here’s why you should head here and get your teach on today... 


1. Immerse Yourself and Make an Impact

Teaching English in Vietnam provides you with the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of others and promote international goodwill. Keep in mind that for millions of people in Vietnam, learning English can open many more doors that could enhance their future for the better! Not only that, but you can immerse yourself in the fascinating culture and try out a new language for yourself too. You can introduce them to the basics of English and share your own culture while you’re at it!

2. Learn as you go!

All you need to kick off your trip is a university degree and English language skills under your belt. It doesn’t have to be a teaching degree either. Either way, you will learn all the skills you need from a month long TESOL training course. You'll go home with 120 hours of training and an internationally-recognised certificate! Our Global Travellers can choose to take part in local Ho Chi Minh City for the course or head to Thailand for training and orientation! It’s only a hop, skip and a jump away to Hua Hin in Thailand and intakes are available every month. Get the ultimate Thai experience before heading off to Vietnam for placement and see the best of both worlds.


3. Activities Galore

What most people don’t realise is just how many Vietnamese activities are inclusive of your package! You’ll be provided with a tonne of them to get you settled in and exploring the diverse culture in no time. You have the chance to stroll through the night markets, get your hands dirty with some amazing cooking classes, martial arts lessons, a trip to the war museum to get caught up on the amazing history and a trip through the famous Cu Chi tunnels; and even additional welcome dinners to get you mingling with the locals!

Teach_English_In_Vietnam .jpg

4. Great Option for Budget Travellers

The cost of living in Vietnam is low and salaries are high (in comparison). You can expect to make bank with a paycheck ranging from $1,100 to $1,500 USD per month. Your budget will always depend on your style of travel of course, but if you want to live the authentic lifestyle with simple accommodation and delicious street food, you can live on as little as $15 a day! Many of Vietnam’s greatest attractions are based around its natural beauty and cost very little to visit. Once you’ve been placed in a school, we’ll also assist you to find affordable accommodation close by.



5. The Friendliest of Folk

There is something special about the people of Vietnam. With such a calm and contented approach to living, the traditional Vietnamese culture revolves around the core values of humanity, community, harmony and family. So you’ll find yourself being greeted with smiles and excitement everywhere you turn.

With Global you can get yourself a summer opportunity, stay for 5 months, or even 12! Get yourself to the absolute heart of Asia, in a place of endless opportunity on an experience you’ll be sharing with friends and family for many years to come!

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