So many places to go and see in this big ol' world. If you’re ready for your next adventure abroad, you’ve come to the right place! But where to go next? This can be such a tough question when there are so many epic places to choose from!

At The Global Work & Travel Co. we understand that everyone's different and our goal is super simple: Travel Made Easy. We offer tonnes of incredible trips to Australia, Canada, the USA, the South Pacific, Europe, Africa, Asia + more. With all these options, it’s nearly impossible to choose and we want you to save up all that energy for the fun part - travelling! So, to make those travel plans as smooth as possible we’ve made this fun little infographic to make a tough decision just that little bit easier. Follow the simple steps below on our handy flowchart to get you to exactly where you want to be.


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Where To Next?


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Want to chase that big city-life feeling? The UK is where it’s at! Or, do you want to escape the metropolitan hustle and immerse yourself in a new culture instead? Enjoy the beautiful beaches, food and full moon parties while you Teach or Volunteer in Thailand. Are you the ultimate foodie? Italy it is! With the opportunity to increase your experience and network with industry leaders - all while eating as much pizza and pasta as you please. Maybe wine your poison? Guilty! Spain’s the word, with the opportunity to enhance your language skills and explore the beautiful Spanish coastlines and history while you’re at it. What about chasing winter instead? You haven't seen nature in its full glory until you’ve witnessed the giant mountains, crystal blue lakes and wildlife that Canada has to offer. Still can't decide? Roadtrip! Take on Route 66 to get that genuine American experience or explore New Zealand with some of the world's most popular activities at your feet, with bungee jumping, rapid rafting, skydiving and heli-skiing to choose from.

We offer the ability to not only choose from a number of trips all over the globe, but to be that support system from the very moment you become a Global Traveller.  Once you’ve picked the destination of your dreams, we provide a premium service that supports our travellers throughout the entire journey! From visa and pre-arrival assistance to booking flights, organising travel insurance and tours as you please. But it doesn’t stop there, from the moment you land to the moment you leave, The Global Work & Travel Co. have got your back.

Our dedicated Work & Travel Experts are ready for you to get in touch so we can get you on that next epic adventure.

See the world in a meaningful way and start your overseas adventure with The Global Work & Travel Co. today by clicking the magical red button below.


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