Just in the UK alone an adventurous 250,000 young travellers set off every single year for the gap year of a lifetime. They pack their bags and leave their former life behind to embrace new cultures, meet a whirlwind of new friends and give themselves the opportunity to experience life like they never have before. A time to take off, explore the world and leave the pressures and stresses of modern life at home.

There is no better time than now to take off on a new journey, to make a change you have been longing for, to jet off to the other side of the world and Global Work & Travel have just made it even easier than ever to get you there. We offer Working Holiday, Volunteer, Au Pair, Teach & Intern Trips at destinations across the world such as Australia, Canada, South Pacific, the USA, Europe, Africa & Asia you are bound to find the gap year holiday that is going to fulfil those ambitions of yours to find new adventure.

More travellers than ever before are enjoying holidays alone, and taking a gap year is the ultimate way to do so. Not only will you be in control of your itinerary, but you can tailor your gap year to you. Want to spend time travelling across the Outback or bungee-jump from the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland? It’s all possible with a gap year holiday arranged through our awesome Work & Travel Experts at Global Work & Travel

Although one of the biggest benefits of taking a gap year holiday is to have fun and experience new cultures, it can also be used to boost your career. Not only can you use your time to gain experience in a new field – such as teaching, working in hospitality or being an au pair – but you can talk about your adventures on your CV or resume, and mention them during job interviews. Gap years can boost your confidence and offer skills that employers require, such as maturity, creative skills and independence. Therefore, using your gap year as an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and actively seek out new experiences and opportunities makes sense.

At Global Work & Travel, we understand that everybody is different. Whether you’re a social media obsessive like Alana and you want to ski instruct in Canada, or you’re a seasoned traveller and want to take part in a community volunteering project in Fiji, we have a gap year experience that is ready for you to head off to. With so many options to choose from, check out our new infographic below and find which traveller you want to be! Our Work & Travel Experts will be ready for you to get in touch so we can get you ready for the gap year experience of a lifetime. See the world in a meaningful way with The Global Work & Travel Co.


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So, which traveller do you want to be? Start your gap year adventure today with a little click on the red button below.

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