There’s magic around New Year’s Eve. World-renowned as THE night of the year, New Year’s Eve is that night where we reflect on the year that was and revel in the year that will be. But it’s also the climactic end to the silly season. Santa is back in the North Pole, you’ve drank for a month straight at Christmas Parties and Michael Buble is back in the freezer.

You want to send it off with a bang!

But too often New Year’s Eve celebrations are a gigantic letdown. The party ends up being lame, the fireworks are a bit of a disappointment, you can’t find anyone at midnight and end up defeatedly high fiving your cousin instead. Chances are your 2022 New Year's will be a lot like the last few....

… Or will it?

Blow off the shackles of your humdrum home life and get overseas to do it properly! Do you want to bring in the New Year with a night you probably won’t remember, in a city you’ll never forget? Well, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of our ten BEST places to make sure you bring it in right.

In proper new year’s fashion, this list we’re going to count down.

10. Bangkok

If you know anything about Bangkok you’d know that it’s a wild night out. Even on a random Monday in June, let alone the biggest party night of the year. Bangkok offers piles of options; from swanky soirees on one of Bangkok’s many rooftop bars to an evening of debauchery on Khao San Road. You can get as rowdy or sophisticated as you like (or why not both?). On the night, Central World Plaza is the place to be, there is a vibrant street party outside of the big shopping centre, leading into the prime location for the fireworks display. Just a word of warning though, if you don’t like crowds, keep clear. With numbers at the party regularly hitting above 100,000, it’s not going to be a quiet night.

We have a plethora of trips to Thailand, so jump on one and get wild.

“Holla! City of Squala!.... And we had a sick night, bitches!” - Mr Chow, The Hangover.

9. Banff

The Banff National Park is absolutely spectacular and could absolutely make a case to be the prettiest place on Earth.

On New Year’s, Canada will be right in the heart of their winter season. Meaning that if it’s up your alley you’ll be able to shred the slopes during the day. Before jumping right into an amazing night to bring in the New Year. For one reason or another Banff has become absolutely jam-packed with Aussies and Kiwis, and as we know, those guys love to party! This quaint mountain town is losing its charming reputation and is fast becoming one of the best party destinations in Canada. After spending the day shredding the mountain get to Dancing Sasquatch to send off the year right!

Join the swarms getting over to beautiful Banff for the winter on our Working Holiday in Canada trip.

“Actually the most fun New Year’s I've ever had” - Emily, a Work & Travel Expert in Global’s Australian office.

8. Cape Town

Cape Town really is the Jewel of Africa. This spectacular city is incredible to visit year round and an absolutely fantastic place to spend New Year’s. It takes a spot on our list sheerly because we would want to wake to another year in this gorgeous city.

The V&A Waterfront holds the biggest party of the year with lighting and laser displays, bands and DJs and the drinks flowing on the lead up to the countdown. There’ll be Carnivale-styled entertainment and over 80 food trucks and venues lining the promenade. So it’s always a really good time.

But apart from that your options certainly aren’t limited.

To indulge in a lush experience mixed with an incredible party vibe we’d be heading to The Shimmy Beach Club. The club itself is incredible, there’s always a stacked line up, and you get access to a private beach. An incredible place to ring it in.

For something a bit more low-key, you could head to one of the countless vineyards surrounding the city. A mixture of scenery and elegance is sure to be waiting for you there. The Cape Point Vineyards is a standout but you’re sure to find something amazing.

“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy” – Ernest Hemingway

Get to Cape Town on one of our Volunteer in South Africa trips in 2022.

7. Berlin

24/7 nightclubs, underground raves, debauchery and shenanigans a-plenty! The Germans do things efficiently and their party scene is no different.

Berlin is famed as debatably the best night out in Europe and on New Years it steps up. The atmosphere on the night is electric! On New Year’s the German government lifts their ban on fireworks so expect to see impromptu pyrotechnic displays and a chaotic atmosphere throughout the streets in the lead up.

The only issue will be having too many options for midnight. Brandenburg Gate is one of those options. Every year there’s an epic street party. Around a million people gather for one of the biggest open air parties in the world. An absolutely incredible opportunity to get your night started and ring in the New Year with the crowds.

Or you could avoid the streets for Silvester in Kulturbrauerei. A coalition of 8 different clubs joined together for the night. One ticket gets you entry for all of them which is your biggest indoor option.

For a less commercial option, you could take advantage of Berlin’s infamous nightclub scene. The biggest clubs will attract world class DJs ensuring really good vibes throughout. Not only that, but these clubs stay open until everyone has left. Meaning you could well be partying for days on end.

“The greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.’ - David Bowie

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6. Venice

While usually not a party town, Venice makes an exception during New Year’s. The famous St. Mark’s Square turns into a vibrant street party! Expect free concerts filling the night then a massive firework display from a barge at midnight. Dotted throughout the city there’s lush galas at some of the fancier hotels. But if you can get onto one of the many boat parties then do that! To be honest, we just want our New Year’s kiss to take place at one of the most romantic cities on Earth.

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” - Truman Capote

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5. Sydney

From an outsider looking in, you could be forgiven for thinking that Sydney was the capital of Australia. Filled with the top iconic spots that spring to mind whenever someone brings up the Land Down Under. Bondi Beach, Manly, the Harbour Bridge and Opera House (if you stand in the right spot you can look at both at the same time, without even turning your head). The place is the bustling heart of Australia, and at New Year’s it’s a sight to behold.

The fireworks display off the Sydney Harbour Bridge has to be seen to believed. It is one of those spectacles that will burn its way into your memory forever and something that I truly think everyone should see at least once. Finding a good vantage point around the harbour can be a bit of a plight in itself. If you have the funds, reserve a ticket to one of the venues around the harbour or even better get yourself onto one of the party boats.

Get on down to the Land Down Under with one of our Australia trips.

4. New York

New York, New York! The city that never sleeps! New York is probably the most famous city in the world. Famed from countless movies, TV shows and books as well as a history steeped in intrigue, New York is a fabulous place to visit.

It’s also home to the world’s most famous New Year’s celebration as well. Watching the ball drop in Times Square has to be at the top of any New Year’s fanatic’s list. Surrounded by thousands of people this iconic event will be something you’ll remember forever. Of course, being New York there is a plethora of other options if the ball drop doesn’t appeal to you. There are fireworks all over the city for the big moment. Get into one of New York’s famous rooftop bars for a great view. Or get to one of the many concerts or events happening all over the city for a great night. After all, it’s New York, you’ll find something to do.

Just remember, it is a very popular New Year’s destination, so book early.

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“There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.” - Simone Beauvoir

3. London

See the day flick over on the world’s most famous clock, Big Ben. The fireworks display on the Thames has gotten so amazing and popular over recent years that you actually have to buy tickets now, and they sell out in SEPTEMBER! So if you get in early enough this is obviously an incredible option. However, the amazing thing about London is there’s ALWAYS something else to do.

Spend the lead up in Winter Wonderland getting very festive and in the spirit of the day. Then there are incredible parties and galas throughout the city and London is home to the best nightclubs in the world. You’re sure to find something AMAZING to do.

But the party doesn’t stop on the night. If you’re alive and kickin’ the next day head to one of London’s now famous Bottomless Brunches. The hair of the dog is the only real tried and tested hangover cure. So, a few mimosas and something delicious to start the year, yes please! After that, head over to the New Year's Day parade to finish your celebrations.

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” - Samuel Johnson

Get on over to the UK as an Au Pair or on a Working Holiday.

2. Vancouver

Vancouver is an amazing place! The city itself is interesting and vibrant, with no shortage of things to see and do. However, for us what makes Vancouver so cool is that the second you step out of the city you’ll encounter some of the world’s most gorgeous scenery.

For New Year’s there are some clear winners in the city. Science World turns into a nightclub every New Year’s. Even if you’re not huge on science this is a pretty cool experience. One of our favourite city spots would be the Craft Beer Market. They always throw a pretty big New Year’s bash and they have over 100 beers on tap! We’re not mad at that.

If you’re looking for a street party vibe you’ll have to head to Canada Place. Heaps of people, free concerts, and good views of the fireworks.

But as we said, getting out of Vancouver could be an awesome idea for a low-key New Year’s with all your mates. There’s always something on at Grouse Mountain including the snowshoe fondue party. You could get to Sasquatch Mountain for their torch light parade and fireworks before partying the night away at Molly’s Bar. Or our personal favourite, getting out to Tofino. There’s not going to be a huge amount of parties so you’re going to have to bring your own. But sitting on a gorgeous beach around a bonfire watching the sun go down before counting down to a New Year seems like a good time for us. Given it’s now legal over there, and if it’s your kind of thing, you could also stop at one of Vancouver’s many weed dispensaries on the way to kick it up an extra notch.

No matter what you do, the annual Polar Bear Plunge on English Bay Beach is a great way to get rid of that New Year’s Day hangover.

“I grew up in Vancouver, man. That’s where more than half my style comes from.” - Seth Rogen

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1. Las Vegas

Of course Vegas is world renowned for being a party site year round. But it really steps up on New Year’s. I could go into specific parties or places to be, but there’s honestly too many for this list. Start at the street party on Fremont Street and then the world is your oyster. In New Year 2019-20 there were live performances by Christina Aguilera, Drake, Diplo, The Chainsmokers, Lady Gaga, The Offspring, Lizzo, Journey, Maroon 5, Third Eye Blind & Future (that we could find) at different venues around Vegas. You’ll find something to do!

“A little bit of this town goes a very long way.” – Hunter S. Thompson


So that’s it! Where are you going to be next year? The first step is right here.

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